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High Achieving Servant Leadership: The Unique Combination That Drives True Success, With Kurt Uhlir

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on June 7, 2022

You’ve heard it before, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.’ In today’s world, servant leadership is the new way to lead.

This term has become popular lately, but many people have trouble understanding exactly what it means.

When you observe an individual practicing servant leadership, you are experiencing a person who embodies the concept of actions being louder than words. Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy where the goal is to serve others and lead by example.

By incorporating a servant leadership model within an organization, employees will build up their confidence, exert more authority, and create a sphere of influence. When entire companies adopt Servant Leadership theory and apply it, you will see transformational leadership in not just the company’s words and “about us” section but in the actions of individuals at every level of the company.

Kurt Uhlir is a long-time practitioner and believer in servant leadership.

This approach to both work and life creates the possibility of unlocking what Kurt calls High-Achieving Servant Leadership.

He joins Adam to discuss:

  • What High Achieving Servant Leadership is;
  • How this leadership approach can accelerate growth and maintain it;
  • The characteristics of an effective servant leader;
  • And much more!

Learn more about this fascinating approach to leadership, and how it can help you achieve true success!

Why the Deliberate Entrepreneurial Practice is the Key to Long-term Success, With A.J. Lawrence

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on June 2, 2022

Ask any successful entrepreneur what their top tip to success is, and they all swear by the power of focus and dedication. Or what A.J. Lawrence calls Deliberate Entrepreneurship.

What sets A.J. apart as an entrepreneur is his inexhaustible curiosity. Having led his last company, The JAR Group, to the INC. 500 not once, but twice, he knows firsthand what a combination of consistent effort, hard work, and, let’s be honest, lots of luck it takes to create a successful business.

A.J. joins Adam to share his tips for success, such as:

How to Use Comedy to Drive Brand Awareness, With Shelby Dash & Kristina Clifford

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 31, 2022

There’s no better “attention grabber” than a laugh. And when it comes to your branded video content, you want all the attention you can get!

Content is currency and if your content sucks, well you probably aren’t making much money.

Entering from stage left…comedic actresses turned screenwriters and video producers, Shelby Dash and Kristina Clifford. When the reality of the entertainment industry slapped them in the faces, they began making comedy videos for fun.

Even though they tripped over their own feet (maybe on purpose) those videos got attention. Today they make videos for companies that get attention, views, and sales.

“You know that cliche saying about how the journey is better than the destination? I feel like that has been the lesson for us. As long as we’re making ourselves laugh, while being one hundred percent authentic, we’re guaranteed to make something worth watching.”

Joining Adam, this delightful duo gives us the dish on:

  • Why comedy is an important tool in video marketing
  • How to use comedy to drive brand awareness
  • The creative process, how to brainstorm video ads
  • And so much more!

Life is too short to be dull. Listen to this episode and learn how to liven up your marketing!

Artificial Intelligence, With Brian Weaver

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 26, 2022

When you think of artificial intelligence, what comes to mind?

The 1983 movie, WarGames?

Data, from Star Trek?

Bishop, from Aliens?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a part of Hollywood for decades. Typically, it’s in a negative fashion such as computers taking over the world like Maximum Overdrive, or even The Matrix.

The truth is, AI is simply a system of intelligence across your organization.

Brian Weaver’s company, Torch.AI makes data easier to use. They are changing the paradigm of data and digital workflows, forever solving core impediments caused by the ever-increasing volume and complexity of information resulting in a single unifying solution which begins by instantly deconstructing and describing any data, in real-time.

Far from Hollywood’s evil computer takeovers, Brian’s solutions have helped to fight fraud, secure information, make better decisions of trust, evolve operational capabilities, and create better customer experiences.

Brian joins Adam to dispell the myth around AI. They discuss:

  • What artificial intelligence is
  • How AI helps productivity
  • Why government agencies such as the Dept. of Defense are using Brian’s software
  • What impact AI can have on your business
  • And so much more!

Discover the wonders of artificial intelligence when you listen to this episode!

How to Create a Connection Between Your Brand and Your B2B Customer, With Paul Cash

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 24, 2022

Humans are driven by feelings, which means that B2B marketers need to sell the emotional benefits of buying a product, not the practical ones. Gallup research shows that only 29 percent of B2B customers feel fully engaged with the businesses they buy from. 

When B2B decision makers don’t have an emotional connection with the companies from which they do business, they’re unlikely to stay loyal customers.   

Customers don’t want to be bombarded with facts and figures, jargon and tech speak. They yearn for a sense of emotional connection that makes them feel special — and makes them feel good about choosing a particular company’s product. Engagement is a critical factor because companies with the highest levels of it also have 72 percent more fully bought-in customers. And once they’ve bought into a company, they are willing to pay a higher price for its products.  

Paul Cash is the go-to-guy for B2B marketing in the UK.

He joins Adam to share indispensable advice for engaging customers on a human level, including:

  • How neuroscience proves that people buy on emotion and justify with facts
  • How to move from selling the practical benefits to selling the emotional benefits of buying a product
  • How to determine what language and ideas will resonate with and ignite customers’ loyalty
  • How to harness the power of storytelling to differentiate your company from the competition
  • How to back up your company’s purpose with action and commitment
  • And so much more!

It’s time to step up how you connect with your B2B customers…join us!

Think Visually and Amplify the Impact of Your Ideas, With Wendi Pillars

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 19, 2022

If a picture is worth a thousand words, why do so many of us insist on a thousand words alone?

Whether you’re in a more traditional school setting or a place of business, your organization can use visual thinking to drive collective understandings and engagement. Studies show that information is recalled exponentially more when paired with visuals than without them . . . and to actually generate those visuals along with their connections?

Visuals add unparalleled value to your organization’s thinking, planning, and review processes. They naturally facilitate engagement, enhance information retention, and grant permission for creativity.  When your audience is engaged and remembers more, they’ll be ready to take action.

Wendi Pillars loves empowering others through visuals. So much so in fact, that she started her own company to help you tap into your creativity.

Wendi and Adam discuss:

  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, why so many of us insist on a thousand words alone
  • “Use stick figures for a cognitive push to make your “brain hurt”, no matter who you are”
  • Energy management vs time management in bringing a vision to life
  • Why visual thinking and strategizing isn’t just about drawing pictures
  • And much more!

When you sketch more, you think more.

When you think more, you connect more dots.

And when you connect more dots, you accomplish more.

My markers are ready. Are yours?

Virtual Event Promotion & Marketing, With Daniel Moss and Michelle Garrison

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 18, 2022

Much like a child, who “grows-up” from an infant, to adolescent, and to a mature adult. Your business needs to mature & evolve through 3 stages.

At this moment, hundreds of webinars, online gatherings and virtual events are being dreamed up on Zoom, Google Meet, and random new conferencing tools by event planners in makeshift offices all over the world. They hope for riveting content, engaging audiences, and tons of sales.

At this moment, hundreds of attendees are logging off, distracted by social media, and completely forgetting about that online event. They’re muting webinars and walking away and scrolling straight past event announcements.

In this world of infinite content, what does it take for an event to stand out?

Daniel Moss and Michelle Garrison specialize in empowering organizations to host more meaningful, inspiring events online.

They join Adam to share how they helped clients 2X, 5X, and even 7X their in person attendance.


  • Common mistakes see organizers make with their virtual events
  • Main benefits of “going virtual” over producing an in-person event
  • How to make virtual more exciting/engaging/interactive for online attendees
  • Helpful tips on how to get people to show up
  • Thoughts about the future of the event industry
  • And much more!

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that virtual events are the way to go. Ready to create yours? Tune in!

Journey From Frustration To Freedom, With Pete Piriano

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 17, 2022

Much like a child, who “grows-up” from an infant, to adolescent, and to a mature adult. Your business needs to mature & evolve through 3 stages.

However, unlike a child, it has little to do with how old your business is and everything to do with the capabilities of the owner and the systems built into the business.

Pete Piriano calls this the EmpirePath Process. He helps his clients reach the 3 stages of business maturation and growth.

GET CONTROL – put in place the building block systems & build a strong foundation to get you, the owner, control of the business, so you can stop being the “firefighter”, and start seeing a brighter future!

TRANSFORMATIONAL GROWTH – implement key systems to grow rapidly.

FREEDOM TO PICK YOUR PATH – choose how involved in the businesses you want to be or pick new paths to grow by adding locations, licensing, franchising or adding new verticals.

Pete joins Adam to discuss these stages and more. Discover:

  • How to systematically remove yourself from daily operations
  • The biggest mental blocks that are keeping so many business owners stuck in the trenches
  • Common myths around systematizing your business and building a self-managed business
  • The biggest mistakes business owners make when trying to build a self-managed business
  • And much more!

Regardless of what stage your business is in today, tune in and take away new tips and lessons for even bigger, better growth.

Make Your Business a Success, With Sri Chellappa

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 12, 2022

Growing a successful business relies on many different components. But your biggest asset is going to be your staff.

Your employees can be your biggest champions. But only if they are engaged and believe in the organization.

Employee engagement can help organizations tremendously. An engaged workforce reduces attrition, improves performance and can help an organization thrive through rain or shine.

How can you improve engagement your organization? And what are the best practices for improved employee engagement?

Srikant Chellapa joins Adam to discuss:

  • How leaders should think about managing today’s workplace
  • Why people are quitting in such large numbers
  • What it takes to make a startup successful
  • How you can scale instantly with freelancers
  • And much more!

Your business is your baby…watch it grow and be successful. Tune in.

Save Your Asks, With Chris Tuff

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 11, 2022

Despite being more connected than ever before, many are also more isolated.

The tools and technology available today have pushed business owners, entrepreneurs, and motivated professionals toward shallow, surface-level engagement, robbing them of connections, opportunities, profits, and fulfillment.

Bestselling author Chris Tuff shares his transformative approach to building genuine, productive business relationships. No more stale bagels or burnt coffee, no more “speed dating” networking meetings, and no more high-pressure networking groups. Just a simple, innovative system that encourages genuine interaction and fulfillment while building deep connections with prospects and referral partners.

Chris and Adam will discuss:

  • Developing an authentic personal brand that people actually remember
  • Identifying your “networking currency” and use it to generate results
  • Avoiding the “askholes” and others who will hold you back
  • Landing more business by mastering “the art of the ask”
  • Knowing when to go for the ask
  • Stepping up your game to get you playing in the big leagues
  • Aligning your concept and your passion and properly communicating it to skyrocket your brand
  • And much more!

Ready to create connections that make work cultures thrive, improve retention rates, and multiply sales? Tune in!