Is Being “Good Enough” Costing Your Business? With Rusty Komori

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In today’s world, change is the only constant—and the bar for success is only rising higher. Gone are the days when being “good enough” could satisfy customers and beat back the competition. So what’s the solution? Leaders and businesses must evolve from being good to great to superior.

The need to up one’s game is uncomfortably real. According to a recent Ernst & Young report, 32% of CEOs fear their industries are changing so fast they can’t keep up, while 27% anticipate battling brand-new competitors.

“Gaining a superior edge is more important than ever,” says RUSTY KOMORI, author of the new book Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence (Blackstone Publishing; May 7, 2024). As the coach behind a record-breaking 22 consecutive state sports championships, Rusty knows how to build winning teams that stay on top. He’s not just about trophies; he’s used his expertise to develop winning cultures in businesses of all sizes.

Tune in to hear Rusty’s thoughts on:

  • I understand you’re the coach behind 22 consecutive state sports championships. That’s an all-time record in all sports, isn’t it? Tell us more about your story.
  • You say that evolving from being “good enough” to superior is a must-have in today’s world. Can you give us a few examples?
  • For viewers/listeners looking to gain that edge, what steps should they take first?
  • People, in general, tend to focus on results. But you say that’s a mistake. How so?
  • In your new book, Superior, you talk about the power of the “1% Principle.” What does this involve?
  • And much, much more!

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RUSTY KOMORI is an inspirational keynote speaker, executive coach, and tennis professional based in Honolulu, Hawaii. From 1994 through 2015, he was the head tennis coach at Punahou School, where his boys’ varsity teams won an unprecedented 22 consecutive state championships, a national record in all sports that stands to this day. In 2014, he was named NHSCA’s Coach of the Year and inducted into Creighton University’s Hall of Fame. Today, Komori is a sought-after keynoter and executive coach with a diverse client roster, including Kaiser Permanente, the YWCA, and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Association. He’s the host of the televised series Beyond the Lines and the author of three books, including his newest release Superior: Creating a Superior Culture of Excellence (Blackstone Publishing; May 7, 2024). Learn more at