Who Are Our Listeners?


As the name says, our listeners are business creators. They fall into four categories:

  • Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and local business owners – this includes professional service providers (accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, medical professionals), anyone seeking online marketing domination in their local area, information marketers who promote products and courses online (globally), online merchants with brick-and-mortar (and/or) online storefronts, and much more!
  • Marketing and business coaches – how could we win the game of business and marketing, if not for the inspiration and mentorship of a coach?  We provide the tips, tools, and strategies marketing and business coaches need to win at the game of business and marketing, so they can help YOU win at the game of business and marketing.
  • Folks who help others build their businesses – many of our listeners are online business managers, virtual assistants, web designers, graphic designers, social media strategists and curators, branding experts, SEO gurus, and others who help their clients succeed.  Will your clients consider you valuable if your work earns them $7 for every invoice dollar they pay you?  You bet it will.  We’ll help you get there.
  • Do-It-Yourselfers – are you the kind who loves having your own hands on the levers as you market and grow your business?  Awesome!  When you learn from our guest experts, you’re NOT alone.  We’re here to help.

If you are one (or more) of the above, explore our episodes and discover how our experts can help you win at the game of business and marketing.


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