What Are You Made Of?, With Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 3, 2019

What is it that drives you? Motivates you?

How do you react during hard times or a crisis?

What are you made of?

That’s the question that helps Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco push through the tough times, and the question that has led him to higher levels of success and satisfaction when things are going well. He says, “It’s a challenge – from myself to myself. It’s the ultimate accountability.”

In this episode, he joins Adam to talk about what it really means to know just what you’re made of.


  • How sales, motivation, and inspiration are tightly interconnected;
  • How we can recover and rebound from a setback;
  • Tips for building and maintaining culture in your team, company or family;
  • How to use past experiences; good or bad, for our advantage;
  • And much more!

Do you know what you’re made of? Tune in and find out!

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working, With Wayne Mullins

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 26, 2019

Marketing is your ability to attract AND keep customers.

Are your marketing efforts creating enough new customers for you? Do you have systems in place to turn those customers into raving fans?

Marketing and branding is so much more than a cool logo and catchy tagline.

Marketing expert, Wayne Mullins, lives, breathes, and sleeps marketing. He knows all too well that it’s difficult to deliver remarkable results without a clear understanding for the audience the design is intended to communicate with, and what message will resonate with that audience.

Wayne joins Adam in this episode to expose why your marketing may not be working as well as you thought.


  • Why your marketing isn’t working and what you can do to fix it;
  • A few ways to drive conversions and killer growth in your business;
  • Reasons your website may not actually be doing anything to grow your business;
  • How to use social media marketing to deliver more than likes, shares and comments;
  • And so much more!

If you want to turn your marketing into a revenue-generating machine, don’t miss this episode

Identifying and Correcting Workplace Problems, With Ed Eppley

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 21, 2019

From the small business owner to Fortune 200 CEOs, the highly skilled and accomplished manager understands and practices professional management. And like any other professional — athlete, musician, physician — mastering the skills required to be a complete professional manager takes continuous practice, fine-tuning, and commitment.

Professional management expert, Ed Eppley joins Adam and breaks down the six disciplines critical for today’s professional manager.


  • Which management disciplines can help you run a better business;
  • What a ‘stop-doing’ list is;
  • What is the employee evaluation ‘ABC acid test’;
  • Why we should deal with destructive heroes;
  • What is the ‘gap trap’ and how we can escape from it;
  • And much more!

Every professional manager has room to become better. By committing to the six professional management disciplines, today’s leaders can develop a competitive edge for the future while building a sustainable and thriving business.

Want to learn more about improving your management skills? Tune in!

Cyber Crime Isn’t a Computer Science Problem, With Adam Anderson

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 19, 2019

Most companies don’t have a plan for when their defenses fail.

All entrepreneurs and business leaders face similar cybersecurity frustrations—should they worry about it, what should they do about, and where should they even start. Decisions never seem to get made, or, once made, provide the illusion of security but don’t actually reduce a business’ cyber liability. But there is a solution. It’s not complicated or theoretical.

Adam Anderson is an expert on cybersecurity. He’s joining Adam in this episode to help you answer the question, “Should I even care about Cyber Security?”


  • What is Cyber Crime;
  • What you can do to protect yourself;
  • How to plan for the long term;
  • Did Adam really save Y2K?
  • And much more!

Before hiring expensive consultants or spending money on products you might not need, listen to this episode.

Combining Rapid Growth with Long-Term Success, With Ryan Baker

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 14, 2019

Inc. stated that the rapid growth of those on their list can make or break the business, and it breaks more than it makes.

In truth, as these companies grow like a rocket ship headed for outer space, 2 out of every 3 burn up in the atmosphere. So much potential wasted as a beautiful spacecraft never sees outer space.

The growth isn’t the problem, though. You can achieve rapid growth and still survive atmospheric breach as long as you SCALE Smart.

Growth expert, Ryan Baker joins Adam to teach you about his SCALE Smart method and how you can grow quickly and successfully.


  • The most common problems in companies that experience rapid growth;
  • What is the SCALE Smart framework;
  • Why companies need this framework;
  • What’s keeping people from figuring this out on their own;
  • And much more!

If you are ready to experience astronomical growth, with no burn-out, tune in!

Grow Your Business Using the Amazon Success Formula, With Steve Anderson

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 12, 2019

Jeff Bezos created one of the world’s most valuable companies and, in the process, became the world’s richest person.

Amazon was the fastest company to reach $100 billion in sales ever.

And, he started by selling books online.

How did he do it?

Risk & Growth Expert, Steve Anderson, joins Adam to show you how to apply Bezos’ same practices so you can watch your business become more efficient, productive, and successful—fast!


  • Why Bezos is the ‘master of rish’ and how to know when you’re taking too much or not enough;
  • Why it is crucial that you become a customer-obsessed business and not just customer-focused;
  • 3 Customer Experience Pillars and how you can implement them in your own company;
  • How high-velocity decision-making catapults growth using Bezos’ 2 main types of decisions;
  • And much more!

If you want to learn more about Bezos’ success formula how it can be applied to grow your business, don’t miss this!

Automate Grow Sell, With Brandon Vaughn

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 7, 2019

Being an entrepreneur does not have to mean being a slave to your business.

We’ve all heard the stories of business owners working 15-20 hours a day.

Barely eating.

Barely sleeping.

Barely making ends meet.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The number one way to grow your business is through systems and automation, and growth and automation expert, Brandon Vaughn, is joining Adam to tell us how.


  • How you can build a rockstar company culture, no matter how many employees you have;
  • 3 of the easiest ways to ruin a business;
  • Why systems are important;
  • An easy way to create systems;
  • And much more!

If you’re done being a slave to your business, don’t miss this episode.

Nerds Do it Better, With Adam Lundquist

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 5, 2019

Users Do Not Search For Keywords

In the real world, there is no such thing as a keyword. Keywords are simply a term that internet marketers and Google made up as a way to conceptualize targeting in PPC advertising. Keywords are how Google allows you to choose what real-world searches (called search queries) your ads match to. These search queries may be the same as the keywords you select for your AdWords campaign, though often they are very different.

The difference between the keywords you entered in the AdWords system and the actual search query a user typed, is why even though you have words that customers told you they search for as keywords, you still suffer from a low click-through rate and terrible quality scores.

Adam Lundquist consistently delivers paid search campaigns utilizing advanced statistical analysis developed at Harvard. He joins Adam to show us how to make our ads deliver far better than our expectations.


  • How a business owner can acquire new clients online;
  • How business owners can leverage conversion momentum to draw users to sales calls;
  • Some ways to use online marketing to achieve tangible business results;
  • Tips for writing high-quality clickable ads;
  • And much more!

If would you like to learn how to get more customers on a consistent basis, in a cost-effective way, listen in!

Video Marketing for the Best ROI, With Charles Alexander

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 31, 2019

Marketing is much different than it used to be.

Being able to rely on interrupting someone’s day to sell them something is no longer a thing.

We now research on our own and gravitate toward authentic content that resonates with us.

You will not be able to bombard people with features, advantages, and benefits. You have to create your own content with your customer in mind and it needs to be helpful.


Your own content can express your real thoughts, brand you as the expert, and resonate with your target customer.

Explainer videos can do just that! Best of all, they are simple, effective, and affordable!

Expert animated content creator, Charles Alexander, joins Adam to tell us what explainer videos are, and how they can help you sell.


  • How to decide what to put in a video;
  • How to create the perfect little story;
  • How to write a video script that actually converts;
  • Some hidden Do’s and Don’ts for video;
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to learn the best ways to incorporate videos in your marketing for the best ROI? Tune in!

Customers – The Drivers of Business Disruption, With Suman Sarkar

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 29, 2019

Everybody has an opinion about disruption–to Clayton Christensen, it’s the innovator’s dilemma. To Tech Crunch, it’s worth a celebratory contest. To struggling companies and employees, it’s nothing but painful. To companies such as Apple and Tesla, it’s something to master with tech and R&D.

Suman Sarkar says they have it all wrong. He joins Adam in this episode to tell us why disruption doesn’t have as much to do with tech or innovation as it is the shift in customer expectations, wants, and demands.


  • Why thinking of technology as the driver of disruption is a big mistake;
  • Why too many leaders focus on short-term performance to the detriment of their customers;
  • Why so many companies fail when it comes to truly understanding their customers’ needs;
  • What companies can do to be more nimble when it comes to responding to customers’ changing needs;
  • And much more!

Your customers tell you what they want. Tune in and learn why, when, and how you should listen.