7 Step Blueprint to Passive Wealth, With Rob Chiang

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 12, 2023

Frustrated with all of the time-consuming activities related to property management and looking for a better, faster and easier way to build passive wealth?

In his new book, 7 Step Blueprint to Passive Wealth, Rob Chiang walks you through real life lessons where you will learn the correct mindset that separates wealthy business owners from struggling operators.

Rob’s 7 Step Blueprint to Passive Wealth Using the Heroics System covers:

Home – Build a farm/brand for your new service/business in the industry
​Expertise -Obtain all appropriate licensing
​Rules – Designate all assignments to the team members with training
Outcomes – Create leaders within the organization
​Insulate – Obtain all necessary insurance, legal protection and backup plans
​Collect – Software and automatic collection systems
​Scale – Profit from & Grow the business 2x, 5x, 10x and enjoy financial freedom

Tune in and hear Rob’s answers to questions such as:

  • How to start from a humble beginning and build up to being a real estate investor
  • When to leverage and hire a team
  • How to become a business owner and not an operator
  • Discomfort is part of growth in any business
  • The importance of finding your blind spots
  • And much, much more!



How to Combat Affiliate Fraud, With Kelly Ground

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 10, 2023

Advertising fraud is a concern regardless of industry. Bots and fake traffic result in payouts but no sales.

Juniper Research found that $68 billion of digital advertising spend will be lost globally to fraud this year, up from $59 billion last year. This can be devastating for brands that rely heavily on the pay-per-click (PPC) model to drive traffic.

More recently, affiliate marketing has come under scrutiny for potential fraud. One study predicted the amount lost to affiliate fraud this year at $3.4 billion. And while that seems to paint a grim picture of affiliate marketing, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Even though fraud is possible, a well-run affiliate program is far less likely to lose money due to fraud, thanks to checks and balances that detect anomalies.

Kelly Ground’s 15+ years of affiliate marketing experience gives her a unique perspective on how to provide strategic guidance and support to AP’s global affiliate program management teams.

Tune in and listen to Kelly’s answers to questions such as:

  • Can you discuss the evolution of affiliate marketing?
  • What is affiliate fraud?
  • What are the multiple tools and processes you can put in place to ensure that traffic is qualified?
  • Affiliate marketing is growing, and with growth comes more learnings and changes. Therefore, how do you ensure your strategies and techniques are monitored with checks and balances?
  • And much, much more!


Are you ready to get more from your affiliate marketing program and partnerships?

The Video Every Company Needs, With Tony Gnau

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 5, 2023

Did you know that almost 93% of brands say they got new customers due to the videos posted on their social media accounts? (According to HubSpot.)

Yet, 60% of marketing teams struggle with creating engaging content.

Enter Tony Gnau, Chief Storytelling Officer and founder of T60 Productions. Tony specializes in storytelling for business rooted in journalism, to tell the story that connects and engages with audiences. He’s built video content for brands like United Airlines, Walgreens, U.S. Bank, Goose Island Beer Company, CommonSpirit Health, and NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade and T60 Productions has won 17 Telly Awards, in addition to Tony’s 3 Emmy awards.

Tune in and listen to Tony’s answers to questions such as:

  • The core videos for video marketing success, including “About Us” videos.
  • The best marketing strategy to ensure customers watch videos and take action.
  • What to do before and after video production is complete to maximize results.
  • How to add music for impact and making the most of client testimonials.
  • When a DIY video is the best media choice, like when your audience opposes big companies or you’re a small business.
  • And much, much more!


Tony’s new book Lights, Camera, Impact

How to Write Proposals and Boost Your Sales, With Joe Ardeeser

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on January 3, 2023

Are proposals a pain for you?

Proposal writing doesn’t have to be a pain, it can be fun.


Joe Ardeeser shares how to take proposal pain away, utilize technology to cut down on the back and forth with clients and raise your average project’s profitability by putting prospects in control.

Tune in and listen to Joe’s answers to questions such as:

  • What makes a good proposal?
  • Where do a lot of businesses fail when it comes to proposal writing?
  • When you have a solid proposal, how do you pitch it?
  • What are 2 of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in small business?
  • What are a few tips on keeping good relationships with customers?
  • And much, much more!


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The Unparalleled Plight of New Leaders, With Bill Treasurer

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 29, 2022

The vast majority of new leaders step into their roles with little to no guidance. Studies show that while 83 percent of organizations say it’s important to develop leaders, only 5 percent have implemented plans to do so. The transition from individual contributor to being responsible for the performance of others is fraught with challenges. Without a playbook, most new leaders flounder. New leaders aren’t aiming to go from good to great — they’re just trying to make it to the end of the week!

Once they move into their leadership role, new leaders discover that what they thought a leader’s job would be and what it is are two different things. Before becoming one themselves, they assumed a leader’s job was interesting, impactful, and important. But once in the role, they quickly discover that often leadership is just plain hard, and comes with pressures from all sides. Yet much of the hardship new leaders suffer through is entirely preventable — often by recognizing and addressing shortcomings of their own making.

Bill Treasurer offers essential lessons that will enable new leaders to create higher standards for themselves and their teams, including:

  • How to live the values you want others to live by
  • How to ward off getting overwhelmed
  • What important question to ask yourself when you feel angry, frustrated, or emotionally charged
  • What “don’ts” to impose so you don’t burn out
  • What fundamentals to apply to have more impact
  • How to put the joy back in leading others
  • How two-word insights make for memorable leadership essentials

Tune in and listen to Bill’s answers to questions such as:

  • What got you interested in the field of leadership in the first place?
  • You write about 3 areas of leadership fitness. What are they?
  • One of your chapters is Cultivate Composure. Why is that important to leadership?
  • What are you hoping that readers come away with from reading this book?
  • And much, much more!


Building a Company to Compete with Larger, More Established Entities, With John Cerasani

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 27, 2022

John Cerasani is a serial entrepreneur, business expert, and venture capitalist.

John shares his top three tips to build a well-established company:

Number One: Get Your Hands Dirty — There is not one function of my current company or any of my former companies that I could not tell you the inner workings of. I am a firm believer that you can’t lead a team if you are not familiar with their occupation. Now, I am not saying that you need to be the best at each function; you shouldn’t be, but you should understand the job function intimately so you can find and hire a person that can do it as good or better than you, and then effectively lead him/her.

Number Two: Inflate Your Company, Not Your Head — Take phrases like “my employee” out of your vocabulary and replace them with “my colleagues.” Go to an initial prospective client meeting as someone that is looking to help and serve that client. Do not go as the company President that is looking to impress them.

Number Three: Be Concise, Be Succinct, Be Detail-Oriented in All Communications — In 2011, I wrote a book called “Paid Training” and one of the chapters is named “Speak the Language, but don’t BS.” I cringe when I hear BS and I have greater respect for clients that recognize when someone else is doing it too. Every industry has its share of buzz words or phrases that simply are what I think of as space fillers when there is nothing intelligent to add or say. In the book, I was comparing this kind of jargon coming from the mouth of someone from a smaller organization not having the same impact as from someone at a larger more established place of employment. The reality is though, that there isn’t a place for it anywhere.

Tune in and listen to John’s answers to questions such as:

  • What is the transition like from working for someone to starting your own business?
  • What do you look for as a venture capitalist?
  • What are some lessons you’ve learned from sports that you look for in founders?
  • Why do you think that society has not caught up with the times in terms of career paths?
  • What is your book, “The 2000 Percent Raise” about?
  • And much, much more!


The 1-Sentence Offer that Gets $5,000+ Clients, With Luke Charlton

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 22, 2022

Can 1 sentence make a difference in your marketing?

It did for one of Luke Charlton, aka The Aussie Hermit’s clients.

Specifically, she was able to 3X her business (taking it from 180k/mo to 600k/mo+).

No, those are not typos.

Even better, you can use this exact strategy in your own business to get a lot more appointments and get more people buying at a higher price point, too.

Intrigued what the 1 sentence is?

Tune in and listen to Luke’s answers to questions such as:

  • How did you go from barely a few clients per year to 16M+ in ad spend?
  • Why email?
  • Why paid advertising vs organic traffic?
  • Tell me about your email system? Why are your emails so effective?
  • How do you come up with ideas for an email every day?
  • How do you get them done in less than 15 minutes?
  • And much, much more!

The Stripped-Down Guide to Content Marketing, With John Egan

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 20, 2022

John Egan is an award-winning content marketing strategist who covers topics for small business owners looking to improve and embrace content marketing as part of their growth strategy. His new book, The Stripped-Down Guide to Content Marketing: Success Secrets for Beginners, demystifies and simplifies content marketing with insider lessons from John’s 20+ years of journalism and content marketing experience.

Many small businesses are stymied by where to start when it comes to content marketing; some don’t even understand what it really is and how it can help them grow. Between SEO, pillar content, brand storytelling, blogging and the time to do it all, the road to successful content marketing that drives traffic and helps a business grow can feel like a treacherous uphill journey.

John has built successful content marketing strategies for companies like Bankrate Insurance, LawnStarter, LendingTree.com and more. His nuts-and-bolts approach to content marketing makes it easy for small businesses to attract, entertain, educate and retain audiences and form lasting relationships with their customers.

Tune in and listen to John’s answers to questions such as:

  • Content Marketing Strategies on a Tight Budget
  • 6 Ways to Use Content to Create Authority (and Trust) with Current and Future Customers
  • The Naked Truth About Content Marketing: What It Is and What It Isn’t
  • The 5 Truths to Embrace to Make Content Marketing Work for You – including how to mesh strategy with your company’s goals
  • SEO for Beginners
  • And much, much more!


Anyone Can Buy a Business Without Personal Financial Risk, With Jonathan Jay

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 15, 2022

Buying a business doesn’t necessarily require any of your own money.

Jonathan Jay will teach you the smart ways of buying a business…starting with how to buy three types of companies:

The first is a company that’s profitable.

The second type of business that you might acquire is one which is stressed.

The third type of business is one which is distressed.

Tune in and listen to Jonathan’s answers to questions such as:

  • Is it really possible to buy a business without risking your own cash?
  • Why is buying a business faster than starting a business from scratch?
  • How is it possible to do 48 acquisitions in less than three years?
  • Can anyone buy a business?
  • What’s the secret of finding great businesses to buy?
  • And much, much more!


How to be a Credible Thought Leader and Entrepreneur, With Mitchell Levy

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 13, 2022

Global credibility expert, Mitchell Levy, interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility.

These are some of his findings:
➡ 98% didn’t have the clarity to succinctly articulate their purpose. ⬅
➡ 80% were great in person but had a crappy online presence. ⬅
➡ 23% showed disrespect by coming late to the interview. ⬅

After seeing these shocking results, wouldn’t you want to do something about it?

Mitchell has the go-to community to learn/grow your credibility with the “right” people on a similar journey.

Imagine coming to a place where you can immediately trust, know, and like those around you…

Where you can be safe in an environment where others want to support you.

This is Credibility Nation.

Listen to Mitchell’s answers to questions such as:

  • You’ve interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility, what have you learned?
  • Why do you say that credibility starts with clarity and without clarity, you’re not credible?
  • Why do you say that we were taught wrong to lead with the value proposition?
  • You’ve looked at over 100,000 LinkedIn profiles, what makes one credible?
  • And much, much more!