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07/23/19 – Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat, With Monte Wyatt

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on July 6, 2019

Great companies like Apple, Amazon, and IKEA make business success look like magic.

But the difference between great companies and all the rest is discipline. It’s not sexy, it’s not easy, but it is simple.

And it is something average companies ignore. Discipline is a focused improvement that leads to good habits. Good habits lead to great businesses. And great companies grow exponentially.

Award-winning business coach, Monte Wyatt, joins Adam to talk about discipline and how to make success look like magic.


  • The difference between leadership and management;
  • What mindset is needed for organizations to succeed today;
  • The 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth;
  • Who the 5 Constituents are that every business must satisfy;
  • And much more!

How disciplined is your company? Don’t miss this episode to find out!

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07/25/19 – The 5 Personality Traits of an Empowered Challenger Brand, With Prentice Howe

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on July 5, 2019

Unless you’re a superstar within your category, your brand is likely in a struggle for attention in a crowded consumer marketplace–especially if you’re standing in the shadows of industry giants.

But contrary to what you may believe, your business’s challenger nature may be the very thing that sets it apart from the pack. How do you overcome being outranked or out-resourced? You have to outthink.

As an advertising specialist, Prentice Howe always roots for the underdogs. He teams up with Adam this week to share how to rise above the giants and create a strong, empowered brand.


  • The 5 personality traits of an empowered brand;
  • How to outthink your competition;
  • How to be heard above the crowd;
  • And much more.

If you want to become a more empowered challenger brand, don’t miss this!

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07/30/19 – Shaping the Future of Health, Wellness, and Bioscience, With Susan Goebel

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on July 5, 2019

Bringing a new technology or a new product to market is the stuff of which dreams are made. That’s the story that people who have never done it often tell themselves, but you can look around and see the remnants of failed businesses and bankrupt entrepreneurs. To bring something from an idea to reality you need the right plan, the right team, the right amount of funding, the right everything.

It takes the right combination of bioscience knowledge, marketing intelligence, lead generation strategies, operational insight, product R&D expertise, and personal drive to fuel the business development of any life science firm.

That’s where Susan Goebel comes in. From helping doctors bring new medical solutions to market, to connecting investors and inventors, Susan helps shape the future of health, wellness and bioscience. Joining Adam, Susan shares some of her secrets for landing multi-million dollar contracts for her clients.


  • Who gets the bigger cheese, the lone wolf or the pack;
  • Some creative ways to increase prosperity;
  • How to build the right customer avatar for your business idea;
  • Why a business plan is so critical to its success;
  • Why leverage is a crucial key to your success;
  • And more!

Whether you’re in the health and wellness industry or not, you’ll learn a lot about sales from this call!

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