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12/01/20 – The Changing Marketing and Growth Trends of the US Auto Industry, With Matt Moore

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on November 6, 2020

Most car dealer CRM solutions are designed as a cookie-cutter, single automotive software solution. But is that really a good idea? An enterprise-level dealership has different CRM needs than the independently owned used car dealership. Likewise, the mid-level franchise dealer has its own, unique needs.

Add to this the fast growing trend of buying cars online and the needs differ even more.

Automotive industry expert, Matt Moore, joins Adam to discuss the new trends of the auto industry and how a customized CRM can greatly impact growth.


  • With a market size surpassing $750 billion, and everybody wanting a piece of the pie, how DealerPeak’s CRM software levels the playing field to allow the smaller, independently owned dealerships to compete with the larger enterprise dealerships across the US;
  • What challenges online car buying poses to traditional auto marketing;
  • What new tactics dealerships and the overall industry going to are need to focus on in order to remain successful in their marketing efforts;
  • And so much more!

If you’re in the automotive business, this is definitely the show for you!

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12/08/20 – 5 Lessons in Resiliency: Rebuilding Life After the NFL, With Sean Conley

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on November 5, 2020

Sean Conley lived and breathed football from the time he was a young child. After making starting kicker in at the University of Pittsburgh, he played for three NLF teams. The cutthroat world of pro sports chews through players like Conley. His punishing NFL career was a soul-crushing cycle of injuries and rejections — and no surprise, he hit rock bottom.

After injuries cut short his time with the Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, and the New York Jets, he was inspired by his wife to try yoga. Soon he discovered a path to profound healing and a new life.

Joining Adam, Sean shares the lessons he learned as he replaced fear with joy, and toxic drive with compassion.


  • Why so many pro NFL players feel pressure to conceal injuries;
  • What he learned about his own fear of failure;
  • How hitting rock bottom led to a revelation that would change his life.
  • And much more!

This is a story about how one NFL kicker pushed mind and body to the point of no return — and then left it all behind to restart his life. Don’t miss it!

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12/15/20 – Trust Based Networking-Proven Ways to Stop Meeting and Start Connecting, With Mark Given

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on November 4, 2020

As an entrepreneur you depend on connecting with people on a powerful and personal level. The old way of networking no longer works. People want meaningful connections to give to and receive referrals from.

Trust Based Networking skills create deeper long lasting connections that build new business, retain long term clients and create an abundance of referrals.

Mark Given is the founder of the Trust Based Philosophy and he joins Adam to share his tips for creating those powerful connections.


  • The science of building, maintaining, and repairing TRUST;
  • What trust based really means;
  • Why the old way of networking no longer works;
  • And much more!

If you want proven ways to stop meeting and start connecting, join us.

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