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01/21/20 – Disrupting the Healthcare Industry, With Shane Foss

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on January 8, 2020

It’s believed that there are as many as 75 million workers that currently occupy the gig economy in the United States. That’s nearly one-third of American workers. Each day, new markets become available for people to utilize and create independent revenue streams for themselves, entering an evolving market that has long been known as the “gig economy.” Companies like Etsy, eBay, Uber, Lyft, Fiverr, and more pave the way for an emerging gig economy that has yet to be revealed.

Though this lifestyle offers flexibility and spontaneity that is absent in regular full-time positions, there are vital components that are missing from gig economy positions that would otherwise be provided with long-term employment — one of those being stable healthcare coverage.

Shane Foss decided to change that and paired his 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry with his passion for technology to form a new type of healthcare insurance.

Joining Adam, Shane shares how he’s disrupting the healthcare industry.


  • What Americans should be most worried about when it comes to healthcare;
  • Insights into health coordinators and proactive healthcare management;
  • What employers and business owners are facing in the current job market, and what do they need to know;
  • What you should expect and deserve from a health insurance company;
  • And much more!

If you want to learn more about affordable healthcare coverage for you, your family, and your team, tune in!

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01/28/20 – Don’t Hire the Wrong Business Broker, With Chad Peterson

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on January 7, 2020

Businesses should be sold at a fair price for both buyer and seller in order for a bank to get behind it and fund the deal. If you hire the wrong business broker you are signing up for a lot of headaches and no results. A good broker will manage all of the pieces while coaching the buyer and the seller towards the right goals in order to accomplish the Acquisition.

Renowned business broker and serial entrepreneur, Chad Peterson, teams up with Adam to share the ins and outs of preparing your business for sale.


  • What to expect from a great broker;
  • Why use a broker to sell your business;
  • How to come up with the value of a business;
  • What process of selling a business is the most difficult;
  • And much more.

If you have an inkling you may one day want to sell your business, you need to listen to this episode!

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