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12.06.22 – Why Your Financial Advisor May Be Harming Your Finances, With Norman Pappous

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on November 27, 2022

Norman Pappous wasn’t always interested in the wealth management industry – he started out his career in London working for global investment banks.

However, when a family member committed suicide after being misled by a financial advisor, he knew he had to commit the rest of his career to helping others from falling into the same trap.

His new book, Wall Street’s Grand Deception, arms the average investor in navigating the financial markets, including ways to properly vet a potential financial advisor.

Tune in and hear Norman’s answers to questions such as:

  • One of the biggest decisions you can make: The decision you make when you choose a financial advisor shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Strategies to uncover whether your FA is worth the fees
  • The Billion-Dollar Marketing Scheme: Spot high-quality portfolio advice without falling for Wall Street’s fake narratives, and how to discover them
  • Behind the Report: Why you should never blindly trust the portfolio performance reports generated by your financial advisor – and what to look for instead
  • And much, much more!

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12.08.22 – Recession-Proofing Your Retirement, With Sean Mullaney

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on November 26, 2022

Often, we stay in draining jobs for all the wrong reasons – stability, a regular paycheck, reliable 401(k) contributions being three of the top reasons talented people don’t venture out on their own.

Financial planner, Sean Mullaney, wants to help stop the cycle of would-be solopreneurs staying in restrictive corporate jobs by offering one simple piece of stress-relieving advice: open a solo 401(k) plan, and now.

Sean’s new book, Solo 401(k) (out Oct 4th), sheds light on the practical financial pathway to retirement that is so often slept on by both solopreneurs and those dreaming of a solopreneur career.

Tune in and hear Sean’s answers to questions such as:

  • Many of us may need to become solopreneurs out of necessity in the upcoming months – what retirement tips do we need to know before we’re in the hot seat and retirement planning falls to the wayside?
  • What are logical ways to sidestep the fear of giving up a corporate job to become a solopreneur?
  • Does a solo 401(k) account set you up for double the retirement savings than a typical 401(k) will yield?
  • And much, much more!

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12.01.22 – Helping Ecommerce Business Owners Build Wealth While They Build Their Business, With Chase Insogna

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on November 9, 2022

Many small business owners work their entire lives growing and reinvesting their profits back into their business.

But then, when they want to retire, they find themselves unable to enjoy life because they have all of their wealth tied up in their business.

In this episode Chase Insogna explains how this can be changed.

Tune in and hear Chase’s answers to questions such as:

  • What’s wrong with the traditional model of trying to build a business and then selling it?
  • Everyone wants to pay the IRS the least amount possible. What are some strategies and tax tips that you recommend to your clients [that are ecommerce businesses]?
  • You talk about building wealth while building your business, how is this different than what most business owners already do?
  • Ecommerce businesses are different than your standard bricks-and-mortar local businesses. What are some special considerations that are different or unique to ecommerce businesses?
  • You’re an accountant, what do you know about owning and running a business?
  • And much, much more!

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