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5.31.22 – How to Use Comedy to Drive Brand Awareness, With Shelby Dash & Kristina Clifford

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on May 22, 2022

There’s no better “attention grabber” than a laugh. And when it comes to your branded video content, you want all the attention you can get!

Content is currency and if your content sucks, well you probably aren’t making much money.

Entering from stage left…comedic actresses turned screenwriters and video producers, Shelby Dash and Kristina Clifford. When the reality of the entertainment industry slapped them in the faces, they began making comedy videos for fun.

Even though they tripped over their own feet (maybe on purpose) those videos got attention. Today they make videos for companies that get attention, views, and sales.

“You know that cliche saying about how the journey is better than the destination? I feel like that has been the lesson for us. As long as we’re making ourselves laugh, while being one hundred percent authentic, we’re guaranteed to make something worth watching.”

Joining Adam, this delightful duo gives us the dish on:

  • Why comedy is an important tool in video marketing
  • How to use comedy to drive brand awareness
  • The creative process, how to brainstorm video ads
  • And so much more!

Life is too short to be dull. Listen to this episode and learn how to liven up your marketing!

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6.02.22 – Why the Deliberate Entrepreneurial Practice is the Key to Long-term Success, With A.J. Lawrence

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on May 21, 2022

Ask any successful entrepreneur what their top tip to success is, and they all swear by the power of focus and dedication. Or what A.J. Lawrence calls Deliberate Entrepreneurship.

What sets A.J. apart as an entrepreneur is his inexhaustible curiosity. Having led his last company, The JAR Group, to the INC. 500 not once, but twice, he knows firsthand what a combination of consistent effort, hard work, and, let’s be honest, lots of luck it takes to create a successful business.

A.J. joins Adam to share his tips for success, such as:

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