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10.19.21 – How to Become the Nucleus of Your Life, With Pat Honiotes

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on September 21, 2021

“That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stanley!” Laurel and Hardy may have said it most famously, but we’ve all thought something like it after we’ve had one of those experiences where nothing went right or according to plan.

Whatever it was, we all know where at least some of the decisions were made to get us into that pickle in the first place. What few of us have figured out is how and why did we make those decisions and how can we make sure not to do something quite so bad next time?

Pat Honiotes has the answer. She joins Adam to discuss how to become the nucleus of your own life and in doing so, how to get unstuck and make different choices.


  • What it means to be the Nucleus of your Life;
  • How and why your life seems stuck;
  • How and what you can do to fix the problems so they stop interfering in your life from now on;
  • And so much more!

Isn’t it time you got unstuck? Don’t miss this episode.

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10.26.21 – What is a Fractional CMO?, With Amanda Rabideau

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on September 19, 2021

Does this line of thinking sound familiar?

Marketing is the only way your business will find new customers.


But you don’t have the time to dedicate to it… So you need hire someone who focuses solely on your marketing.

Also true.

That person must be a full-time employee.


Companies don’t always need a full-time marketing person. Sometimes the right person for the job isn’t a traditional CMO, but a Fractional CMO.

A what?

A Fractional CMO is someone who acts as the Chief Marketing Officer for your company but is hired as a contractor or consultant.

Amanda Rabideau has been helping tech companies with their marketing for over 15 years. She joins Adam to explain further what a Fractional CMO is, and how it may work for your company.


  • What a Fractional CMO (FMCO) is;
  • What is The Collective and how it works with an FCMO;
  • Why a Fractional CMO model is a good model for Series A funded start-up companies;
  • Why a full-time marketing hire is not the answer;
  • And much more!

Could outsourcing your marketing to a Fractional CMO be the answer you’re looking for? Tune in and find out!

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11.02.21 – Bouncing Back After Losing $50M, With Rod Khleif

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on September 18, 2021

Rod Khleif lost everything in the market crash in 2008; $50 million in real estate.

He lost the beach-front mansion, his Mercedes… all the stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter, but that is quite painful to lose.

He had made the mistake of buying single family homes to hold long term and cross collateralize them with his multifamily properties. The multifamily properties did fine, but the single-family homes pulled his entire portfolio down.

But the opportunity in the crisis was key lessons learned. Rod joins Adam to share some of these key lessons.


  • How to handle losing a ton of money;
  • Why Rod refers to failures as “seminars;
  • How to pick yourself up and make a comeback after a huge failure;
  • The keys to success;
  • And so much more!

Tune in and listen to how one man lost it all, but built it back up.

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