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12/10/19 – Succeeding as a Fashion Entrepreneur, With Maria Pesin

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on December 3, 2019
Every serious entrepreneur needs a well thought out business plan. In the fashion sector, this is even more critical.

Where does your product/idea fit into the market?

Do you have a realistic estimate of what it’s going to take?
To be successful your business needs an effective plan for attracting new customers. Do you have a viable go-to-market strategy?
These are just a few of the questions that senior apparel industry executive, Maria Pesin, has the answers to. Joining Adam, Maria shares 25 years of experience in the fashion industry building million-dollar brands from the ground up.
  • How much money you need to start a business;
  • What is a competitive analysis and why should someone do one;
  • What is a USP (unique selling proposition);
  • What is meant by product focus;
  • The most important things you should do when setting up your website;
  • And much more!

If you’re looking to break into the fashion business, this episode is for you!

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12/17/19 – The Rising Cost of Cyber Risk Insurance, With Karim Hijazi

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on December 3, 2019

Cyber risk management has become a complex, constantly changing, noisy, daily battle.

They said risk would be easy to measure, but the proliferation of mobile devices, advent of cloud computing, IoT, robotic process automation, and the explosive growth of complex third party ecosystems, coupled with the velocity of change, has made staying ahead of cyber risk almost impossible.

With third party cyber breaches becoming an increasing threat to organizations, the cost of insurance protection against breaches is also on the rise. When high-profile targets increase security and close loopholes, threat actors shift their focus to vulnerable third parties.

Cybersecurity expert, Karim Hijazi, joins Adam to discuss this growing threat to businesses and how to mitigate and prevent attacks.


  • How businesses can turn their investment in cybersecurity risk management from a cost center into a profit center;
  • What is wrong with the way most businesses approach cybersecurity today;
  • How most organizations that have complex supply chains are currently managing cyber risk;
  • Why it is so difficult to prevent breaches even in cases where businesses are spending millions of dollars to protect their networks;
  • And so much more!

If you are an enterprise IT leader, do you know what is happening right now in your ecosystem? Find out in this episode.

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12/24/19 – How to Leverage Technology to Crush Your Sales Goals, With Gessie Schechinger

Filed in Upcoming Episodes on December 3, 2019

The sales role of today is no longer the sales career of the past.

The end goal of every sales team and self-respecting sales professional is to effectively present the value of the business in the marketplace to buyers. And in many cases prospecting plays a major role, sifting through businesses to find the right buyers, present them with value and convert them to clients.

Nurturing prospects and keeping them engaged requires continuity that can be disrupted when sales professionals are inevitably promoted to new roles or exit an organization. CRMs have solved for this problem and now automation is stepping in to make the process more efficient.

Award-winning sales expert, Gessie Schechinger joins Adam to discuss the changing face of sales and how to use technology to crush your goals.


  • The difference between a CRM and a Sales Engagement Platform?
  • The role software should play in the sales process;
  • How companies should leverage sales automation;
  • What the future of sales looks like;
  • Does email marketing still work;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to crush your sales goals…you don’t want miss this.

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