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The Online Fluff of Entrepreneurship, with Mario Nawfal

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Creating an online business is not a case of, “If you build it they will come.” It’s not as simple as just hanging out your shingle and waiting for the sales to come rolling in.

But there are a lot of so-called gurus who preach about working smarter, not harder…meaning that you shouldn’t be rolling up your sleeves and putting in long hours. In the beginning of any business that’s exactly what you should be doing.

Anyone who tells you to work smart and not bother with working hard is either close-minded or delusional. Entrepreneur, Mario Nawfal, door-knocked and cold called 7 days a week before he launched his first business. Even after becoming a millionaire within 12 months of launching his first business, Mario’s 15-20 hour days didn’t stop until his 3rd year.

In this episode, Mario joins Adam and shares some of his secrets for bootstrapping a 7-figure business.


  • Why entrepreneurs should avoid most online business influencers and gurus;
  • The importance of timing in business;
  • If there is a formula for business success;
  • Fact vs fluff in business;
  • And much more!

If you want to learn how to launch your business and bootstrap it into 7-figures, don’t miss this episode!

Law Firm Conversions, With Chris Mullins

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Perhaps you think your law firm is successful because the phone is ringing… and some days, it’s ringing off the hook. However, you find you are still struggling to grow your firm or even be profitable.

Here’s the hard truth: A ringing phone only indicates that your marketing is successful. It’s what happens when the phone is answered that will drive your success… or failure.

Sales and marketing expert, Chris Mullins, joins Adam to help you understand the important role your receptionist or intake specialist plays in converting every call to become a profitable client along with the steps you need to take to ensure the right person is answering the phone and answering it correctly. You may think this is a small matter, but if a call isn’t handled well, nothing else happens.


  • Why something that’s been around as long as the telephone has become forgotten as a sales tool;
  • What some of the steps are to convert an initial call into a prospect;
  • How much of a role mindset plays in training your clients on phone techniques;
  • What role does an ever changing staff play in being able to tum more prospects into clients;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to turn phone calls into clients, listen in!

Driven by a Purpose Beyond Profit, With Chris Yoko

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There is a saying in business, “Focus on the outcome, not the income.” While you’re in business of course to make a profit and create a lifestyle for yourself, chances are you started your company for a bigger reason than just money.

We often forget the big picture of why we started our business as we get lost in the minutae of the actual building of the business. But focusing heavily on the outcome…what impact are you creating for your customers and the world…creates a stronger business sense and structure than just figuring out how to make money.

Chris Yoko is focused on helping people, and the organizations they belong to, pave the road to a more Utopian world. Joining Adam in this episode, he brings his expertise and strategy for organizations to build and champion themselves using their most powerful asset, their web presence.


  • How to calculate impact;
  • How to create a strong, flexible culture of performance and retention;
  • What role companies play within a cause;
  • How profits and positive impact support one another;
  • What website owners have to be concerned about as it pertains to accessibility and compliance;
  • And so much more!


Small Business Marketing Made EZ, With Stacey Riska

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What’s the difference between the confident business owner who leads the growth of their business vs those who can’t get out of survival mode? It all comes down to this: All successful businesses have a clear marketing strategy that makes everything they do more effective.

Unfortunately, many busy small business owners get so caught up in tactical daily marketing execution like building a website, sending email, tweeting, advertising, optimizing a landing page, blogging and so on, that they are not taking the time to work on the decisions that’ll improve the performance of their tactics.

Small Business Stacey to the rescue! Stacey Riska joins Adam this week to talk about marketing, and why yours could be failing.


  • How to get your marketing into A.C.T.I.O.N.;
  • The number one reason so many small businesses are struggling;
  • How to put a marketing campaign on autopilot;
  • Is marketing really as EZ as Stacey says;
  • And so much more!

If you’re ready to enhance your marketing skills and watch your bottom line soar, don’t miss this episode!

Strategic Profitability, With Michele Williams

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There is nothing worse at the end of the day than not knowing where your money went or stressing about how you will pay the bills; all while you are not getting paid a salary consistently. Add to that, being hit with unexpected bills, not knowing if you can pay your employees, or not having a firm grasp on your ability to grow the business and you have the makings for a disaster.

Certified, Profit First coach, Michele Williams, joins Adam this week to talk about the hard stuff.


  • How our choices directly impact our profitability;
  • How you can control your business instead of letting it control you;
  • How to deal with Mom Guilt when you work from home;
  • What it really means to own your business;
  • How fear of failure/success & Imposter syndrome can impact your business;
  • And much more!

If you’re tired of watching money fly out the window…don’t miss this!

7 Steps to More Profit and More Cash Flow, With Adam Lean

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Half of all small businesses never see their fifth birthday. Small businesses fail for one reason: lack of focus on the financial health of the business.

Why? Because the financials are confusing. They’re not sexy. Most business owners start their business because they’re good at the “craft” of the business…

But far too many ignore the financial health of the company. And we’re not just talking about how much money is in the bank.

Joining Adam is founder of the CFO Project, Adam Lean. In this episode the ‘Adams’ team up to talk about cash flow, lack thereof and the 7 steps you can take to create more profit and more cash flow in your business.


  • The number one thing that every business must focus on but rarely do;
  • Why business owners struggle;
  • Adam’s method for helping clients get control over their business and money;
  • And so much more!

If you’re ready to have more cash in the bank then tune in!

Destroying the Myth of the “Starving Artist”, With Catherine Orer

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The “starving artist” myth is a limiting belief that’s been passed on from generation to generation and it’s about time we put an end to it. Not only is it disempowering to artists trying to promote themselves and their work, it’s also a barrier for many talented teenagers and young adults who will not pursue a career in the arts from fear of not being able to support themselves and later on in life, their families. Many will major in a more “socially accepted” program and pursue a career they don’t enjoy. Our society just doesn’t value doing what ignites your passion when it comes to earning a living. Instead, we are conditioned to do “the right thing”, even if it makes us incredibly unhappy.

So what should you do when the thing you are really good at, the thing that really drives you and excites you come Monday morning isn’t putting food on the table?

Joining Adam to dispel the myth around the arts is award-winning Business & PR Strategist and founder of The Artist Entrepreneur, Catherine Orer.


  • How to sell your art without feeling like a sell-out;
  • Top mistakes artists are making that are costing them sales;
  • Why it’s so important to get clear on your vision and how to communicate it effectively with potential partners and clients;
  • How to set and achieve your goals as a professional artist;
  • The essentials to consider when you want to go from amateur to professional artist;
  • And so much more!

You can starve if you want or you can provide useful work that others will pay for. If you want to learn how to sell more you are in for a treat!

Coach More, Manage Less, With Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth

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You’re amazing at what you do. You provide coaching to people and companies to help them increase
revenue, perform better, and so on.

But how much time do you really spend coaching versus managing your business? As an entrepreneur and
business owner, we wear a lot of hats. Sometimes those managerial hats take over and we spend far more time
IN our business rather than ON our business.

Co-authors of The Coaching Effect, Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth, join Adam to shed some light on how to best
utilize your time and team to improve productivity and get you back in the coaches chair.


  • What The Coaching Effect is all about;
  • How to manage less and coach more;
  • What differentiates high-growth coaches from their less effective peers;
  • Three specific behaviors that top-performing coaches use to lead their teams effectively;
  • How to know if you’re being an effective coach;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to spend more time on coaching and less time on management, tune in.

Stop Wasting Money On Ineffective Training Programs, With Juliana Stancampiano

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Every year, businesses spend billions of dollars on initiatives, tools, and technology that leaders believe will help their customer-facing teams drive more revenue or customer engagement and loyalty. Yet they lack the internal models necessary to navigate organizational complexity, and the ways of working needed to gather cross-functional knowledge across silos. The result is that too much irrelevant content is created, information is overwhelming and hard to find, and the investments are wasted because their end deliverables simply aren’t helpful for their intended audience.

CEO of Oxygen, Juliana Stancampiano, joins Adam to discuss why businesses are essentially throwing money out the window when it comes to training programs.


  • Why, even though learning and development is a $140 billion industry, much of that money is wasted;
  • If there is a greater need for training in today’s workplace than in prior times and why;
  • How focusing on outcomes is the key to developing learning programs that yield measurable results;
  • Why teamwork is critical when it comes to learning and development;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to create award-winning teams, and stop wasting your money, this episode is for you!

Controlling Healthcare Spending, With Allison DePaoli

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The best employers inherently know that taking care of their employees means their employees will take care of their customers. Offering a benefits plan that takes care of the employee and doesn’t break the bank, that’s the dream. It can drive higher job satisfaction, improve morale and help with the ever-present issue of employee engagement.

Most employers don’t know how to accomplish this – or even that it is possible! Every employer should be in complete control of their healthcare spend – driving the maximum value from every dollar and allowing those saved dollars to grow the business and the bottom line.

Understanding how to drive those savings while finding a world class benefits package can be intimidating. Few insurance professionals understand how to get under the hood and tinker to make the plan work better.

Allison DePaoli does. And she joins Adam in this episode to show us how.


  • How supply chain management translates into healthcare and employee benefits;
  • What employers should focus on with healthcare;
  • How to shift your current plan to focus on outcomes;
  • How to find all the hidden cost drivers in health care;
  • How to use the plan to drive employee engagement;
  • And much more!

If you’re looking for a way to deliver star-studded benefits to your team, without hurting your bottom line,
don’t miss this episode!