The Roadmap to Success, With Bew White

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Bew White’s story is not the story of a man’s straight-line success of going from rags to riches. As one of Bew’s friends observed, “Bew started life on third base.”

Indeed, he did.

Knowing more than most about his own ancestors, Bew White is descended from an aristocracy of sorts. Even so, his story is a zigzag. If he started on third, mistakes and misfortunes would send him back to second and first bases.

Undaunted, he kept swinging and pursuing his own version of the American Dream.

Bew joins Adam to share his story and discuss:

  • What a roadmap to success is and how you create your own
  • Advice would to those just starting out in their career
  • What it takes to live a successful life
  • And much more.

Tune in and listen to one man’s journey up the ladder of success. You may just hear your own story in there somewhere.

How to Foster a Healthy, Intrinsic, Work Culture Based on Emotional Intelligence, With Patrick Touhey

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Collaboration wins championships.

But if that teamwork mindset only exists on game day, players won’t create meaningful connections that outlast the buzzer. Teams can build relationships that motivate them to win in every aspect of life—when they’re coached with passion, purpose, and understanding.

Your team wins when they play together to become their very best.

In his new book, Create Forever Teammates, Patrick Touhey shares a coaching program that will cultivate the intrinsic culture of your team to dramatically improve players’ performance and emotional health.

Patrick joins Adam to discuss:

  • The Heart of a Team: Foster a healthy intrinsic work culture to win more than high-level clients and big sales
  • Taming the Beast: Tips to handle helicopter clients and overzealous managers with grace and ease
  • Today’s Work Problem: Why a lack of integrating spirit, fun and excitement into work is encouraging employees to quit their jobs in search of greater purpose at an astounding rate
  • And much more!

Isn’t it time to awaken your players’ self-awareness and encourage them to work toward their full potential? Tune in!

Overcoming Awkward – How Introverts Thrive in Business, With Monica Parkin

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Some people are excited by the idea of networking events, cold calling, and dazzling total strangers with their winsome smiles, intriguing conversation, and charming personality.  But for introverts meeting and talking to new people is like watching a horror movie where they are the star! 

So, what is an entrepreneur or sales professional to do if he or she happens to also be an introvert?

Monica Parkin is a bonafide introvert master marketer. In her new book, Overcoming Awkward, she helps to free introverts from the crippling social constraints that come with launching and growing their businesses and careers.

She teaches actionable strategies to create connections, build relationships, and establish loyal, repeat customers who are thrilled to refer you to everyone they know.

Monica joins Adam to discuss:

  • How Monica went from shy and introverted to a self-described “master relationship builder”
  • Strengths that introverts bring to organizations
  • Where the feeling of social awkwardness comes from and how to overcome it
  • Tips to help introverts feel more comfortable in social situations and in the workplace
  • And much more!

Does the thought of interacting with others make you break out in hives? Learn how to step out of your shell and become more of an extroverted introvert.

Use Willpower and a Higher Power to Create the Business of Your Dreams, With Tonyah Dee

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Tonyah Dee was 40 years old, with an 18- month-old son, when she went through a two-year separation that eventually led to a divorce. A couple years later, she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and around the same time discovered that her ex-therapist was working with her ex-husband out of a book titled, The Productive Narcissist. This piqued her curiosity, which led her to read several books on the subject of anxiety and narcissism. A common theme among many of them was to learn to practice meditation and prayer.

This struck a chord with Tonyah, and she took her first step down a very beneficial new path. She woke early in the morning to meditate, often singing worship songs, meditating, reading and contemplating scripture and praying. Eventually, a habit of daily seeking The Trinity was established. Her faith and trust in God became unshakable.

Then during her meditation time one morning, she heard the Holy Spirit direct her to make meditation music from the Bible. She responded by saying, “Who, me? I know nothing about making music.” She heard the same message for about a year.

Despite having no formal music background, she finally said yes to the persistent voice of the Spirit of God. Soon she was writing down songs and singing them during her morning meditation.

Conflict and stress were still a part of her life, but peace and compassion began to gradually overcome her situation. Grace flowed in and her company, YahLight, was born.

Along with making music, Tonyah teaches YahLight’s daily practices. She still tries to wake up every morning and start her day with stillness, singing, meditation, contemplation, reading scripture, and prayer. Arguably, these practices are what have helped her rise above all of her life’s challenges, including over 18 years of living (and thriving!) as a single mom.

Join Tonyah and Adam to discover:

  • How authenticity is developed through spiritual disciplines
  • We have inner powers that lead us to inner strength
  • How spiritual disciplines are effective for business
  • Why meditation is so popular and why is it so hard to do
  • What role a higher power has in helping us to create a business of our dreams
  • And much more!

Are you ready to stop the struggle and accept the grace? Tune in.

Upping Your Motivation to Make Your Venture Successful – Even If You’ve Failed Before, With Nick Kennedy

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Leadership is exhausting in every way.

Even if you’re “successful,” it’s tempting to hang it up—because you’re tired of people looking to you for all the answers, tired of pretending you have your act together, tired of worrying about cashflow, or tired of listening to the “you’re not good enough” tapes playing in your head.

Don’t quit.

No one else can bring to the world what you have to offer.

As a go-getter entrepreneur or executive leader, there’s no worse feeling than stuck.

Nick Kennedy knows this all too well he’s been where you are, and he absolutely understands how frustrating it is to want more… and have no earthly idea how to get it.

Eventually, Nick cracked the code—launching, building, and selling a multi-million-dollar airline will teach a guy a few lessons.

Join Nick and Adam to discover:

  • Finding Your Drive: practices to up your motivation and continue to fight for a successful venture – even if you’ve failed in the past
  • Acquiring 101: Should you put in the work to acquire a company, or begin one from scratch? Nick discusses ways to determine if an acquisition is the right move for business growth
  • The Obituary Exercise: You’ll live for thousands of days, but only ten of those will be remembered – how to make sure they’re the ones you want to be known for and build your legacy right
  • Exit Survival Mode: Nick details ways to get your business out of survival mode without sacrificing your values or vision
  • And much more!

Being successful at business isn’t about conquering the world; it’s about conquering yourself. Ready?

Breaking the Barriers Between Wall St. and Main St., With Craig Cecilio

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After years of making money for others the traditional way, Craig Cecilio saw exactly how the rich kept getting richer.

In 2014, Craig decided there had to be a way to break the cycle. He wanted to open up wealth-building opportunities to all Americans, no matter their status in life.

His vision was to bring the wealth-building tools traditionally used by the 1% to the everyday investor.

Craig is committed to demystifying the wealth-building process for the everyday investor. He and his team work tirelessly on behalf of the 99% to democratize the investing landscape.

Join Craig and Adam to discover:

  • The secret to achieving personal growth
  • How to unlock investments with high growth potential
  • How to diversify your portfolio with multifamily real estate
  • How you can protect your financial future with stable assets
  • How you can become an investor with just $500
  • And much more!

The wealthiest have invested in real estate for decades. Now it’s your turn.

5 Foundational Pillars for a Successful Entrepreneur Lifestyle, With Bob Schlegel

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on April 13, 2022

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a job. It’s a lifestyle built around one’s businesses.

Beyond the nuts and bolts of starting, growing, and running a business, it’s important to first build a foundation to ensure a meaningful entrepreneurial career. This means that budding entrepreneurs must assess their capacity for persistence, lifelong learning, entrepreneurial drive, and passion for pursing business opportunities.

Also added to those is the quality of their partnerships, because in business as in life, they are vitally important.  

Seasoned entrepreneur Bob Schlegel speaks from more than four decades of experience to instruct a new generation of aspiring business leaders on what factors to consider before they make their first sale or seal their first deal. His five foundational pillars will determine not only the level of success, but also the quality of life they can achieve. 


  • What five foundational pillars are needed for a successful life as an entrepreneur
  • Why it’s important in the beginning to define your values and principles as a business leader
  • How to determine whether to buy or build your first business
  • How to get familiar with your big competitors on the “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” theory (and you may want to buy them someday or vice versa)
  • How to weather the ups and downs of creating, building, and owning your own business — including being blind-sighted by a global pandemic 

Start creating your successful entrepreneur lifestyle by listening to this episode!

Working Toward Financial Independence and Time Freedom, With Joe Di Santo

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You’ve followed your passion, worked extremely hard and made good money with your talents.

Now you just need to hold on to all those earnings and keep them growing!

Joe DiSanto seemingly had it all but chose to walk away from his lucrative business and critical acclaim in order to work less, save money, and spend more time with family.

As a former executive producer/owner of an Emmy Award winning production and post-production company, Joe Di Santo understands how hard it can be to navigate your finances while running a successful business or just living your life.

After spending 20 years in Los Angeles building entertainment businesses, managing artist’s careers, working on the world’s biggest brands and investing millions of dollars in real estate, Joe left it all to follow his passion to help others navigate their own personal and business adventures, and maximize their financial potential.


  • Why personal and business budgets are so important, yet many people and businesses don’t have them
  • For those people who just hate the idea of tracking their finances, what Joe recommends
  • How to take the big leap and start a business
  • How to plan for retirement and when you should start
  • How to use investing to stay on the right road to your retirement destination
  • And much more!

Isn’t it time you played louder?

Joe DiSanto is a fractional CFO and consultant to small businesses and high-income individuals. He also founded the blog Play Louder, which serves as an invaluable resource to help individuals and business owners increase their net worth and plan better for their future.

Play Louder’s free courses…

Get a grip on your finances with Personal Budgeting Basics!
Learn how to Incorporate Your Business to protect your assets and save money!
Analyze your Real Estate Investments like a pro!

Why Courage May be the Most Critical Sales Quality We Need, With Dr. Nadia Brown

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When you think of sales, have you ever felt:

  • You have to be sleazy or inauthentic in sales in order to grow your business and take it to the next level.
  • The gift of charm or the use of manipulative sales techniques are the only ways to get ahead in your business.
  • You can’t show up as yourself in sales calls or else you won’t convert.

You know deep inside you should start having more sales conversations or you desire to have the ability to enroll more of the right clients from your existing pipeline. And yet, there’s something that is holding you back.

Many times, the fear of rejection combined with a lack of sales skill can hinder your ability to have the courageous conversations that convert.

People often admit that they struggle with going into sales conversations feeling like they have to defend the value of their services and convince prospects to work with them.

What comes up before the sales conversation will come out as you’re talking to prospects, from your willingness to connect initially all the way to your follow-through after the call.

When you go in feeling like you need to convince someone to work with you, you’re naturally starting the conversation off-balance, undermining your confidence and the value you can provide.

Dr. Nadia Brown gets it. She used to feel the same way until she learned how to show up fully and powerfully to sales conversations with prospects and guide them to the buying decision that is best for them.

Dr. Brown joins Adam to share why courage may be the most critical sales skill you need.


  • How you overcome the fear of selling;
  • How to find your motivation and find your purpose;
  • How to show up in the sales conversation;
  • And much more.

Fear not my friend, sales no longer has to be scary.

7 Questions You’ll Ever Need to Know to Find and Sustain Your Market Fit Without Spending 100k on an MBA, With Stuart Leo

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on March 31, 2022

One of the best ways to start your growth strategy is to think about what your target market wants. You have to think about who they are and what they want in your business.

For instance, you have to consider their problems and how your business is solving those problems. You also have to consider who your target market is.

This means knowing their age, their gender, and where they are located.

The more you know about your target market, the more you know how to help them as you consider what kind of start-up growth strategy you need.

Stuart Leo is here to give the 7 questions you need to answer to find and sustain your market fit.

He joins Adam to discuss:

  • Three keys to growth for any organization
  • Why strategy is so confusing to the regular business and how can they become strategic leaders
  • What the British Military discovered as the key to high value strategic leadership and how can a business owner use this in their business today
  • What the Waymaker Leadership Curve is and how can a leadership team use it to generate scale
  • And so much more!

Student loans are expensive. Join us and learn from real life experience instead!