Unlocking Your Business Algorithm, With Brandon Seigel

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In today’s business climate, we look to entrepreneurs to inject new ideas and bold action into top-heavy industries. This is especially true in today’s bloated healthcare system. In his new book, The Private Practice Survival Guide: A Journey to Unlock Your Freedom to Success, Brandon Seigel unveils the essential steps for creating and scaling a profitable private practice that delivers greatness.

As a seasoned private practice consultant, Seigel recognizes a commonality among these entrepreneurs — they’re driven by purpose, not just by maximizing profits. A challenge for many health care professionals, even after years of incredibly intensive training, is that they’re still novices in the world of business. Most have simply not been formally exposed to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. As a result, private practices fail each day in America.

Seigel’s goal is to empower clinicians and help them forge careers as successful entrepreneurs in the midst of a challenging business environment.

He and Adam discuss the fundamentals that all private practice-preneurs must consider, including:

  •  3 strategies for defining your business algorithm so you optimize your business model
  • What common misperceptions and blunders can cause private practices to fail
  • How to unlock success through key strategies — hiring top-level staff, securing positive cash flow, pinpointing effective metrics and employing efficient administrative systems
  • How to evaluate your risk tolerance as it relates to your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Why it’s important to define a short-term vision you can execute within 1 year, combined with a 5-year vision
  • Why identifying your “out strategy” — or breaking point — will make you more strategic with goal setting
  • How trends and limiting factors of health insurance affect your practice
  • And so much more!

This episode covers the essential how-to questions — from defining a vision to developing a bulletproof business foundation. Tune in and learn all the steps necessary for creating a private practice that thrives.

The Secret to Developing a Successful, Scalable Cannabis Dispensary Chain, With Joe Villatico

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Greatest Hits Cannabis Co. is a collection of experiential dispensaries stocked with premium strains never before seen in Massachusetts.

The company’s custom genetics library and curated cannabis rotation fuels the creative fire and makes the everyday brighter.

Greatest Hits is music meets cannabis and is the brainchild of industry veteran Rhett Jordan, who created the Native Roots vertical integration model, and motocross racer Joe Villatico, who brings his experience in hemp and beverage home to his native Massachusetts.

Together the duo is elevating New England cannabis to new heights with innovative strain breeding and advanced cultivation, using repurposed mills from a bygone era made state of the art.

Joe and Adam discuss:

  • How to create a scalable cannabis business
  • What first time dispensary goers need to know before they shop
  • How cannabis is revitalizing communities across the country
  • How cannabis is contributing to job growth locally or nationally
  • How cannabis brands distinguish themselves from one another
  • And so much more!

Want to join the cannabis industry? Then this is the episode for you.

Harness Your Inner CEO, With Becca Powers

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 11, 2022

You shouldn’t have to choose between success and happiness!

Juggling exhausting workdays, managing kids at home, and giving your relationships more attention than you give yourself is a recipe for misery. Instead of enjoying the fruits of your labor, you feel tired, unhealthy, and joyless.

Fortune 500 sales executive Becca Powers knows this feeling all too well. Having overworked herself into autoimmune disease and anxiety disorders, her self-worth plummeted. She was missing out on motherhood by prioritizing her career first. The universe was delivering a clear message: things were f%cked and needed to change.

The life of your dreams shouldn’t come at an unsustainable price. In her book, Harness Your Inner CEO, Becca illustrates her journey from a toxic work environment, trouble at home, and emotional rock bottom to living a thriving, prosperous life.

Together, Becca and Adam discuss:

  • The AWTaF Method, a four-step strategy to help you pause, recalibrate, reconsider, and invite
  • Your current Ladder of Self-Worth—and how to activate confidence by reorganizing its rungs and
    your mindset.
  • A goal-based Vision List to find your fire, push past discomfort, and create lasting positive habits.
  • Personal “AND” statements to bust through constricting stereotypes and embrace who you are,
  • Tips to build a dream team that supports your new vision for yourself.
  • And much more!

As boss of your own enterprise, you own both your magic and your messy. Harness Your Inner CEO and realign yourself to create a life that thrives.

Leader by Accident, With Jim Rafferty

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An unimaginable tragedy suddenly and unexpectedly placed Jim Rafferty in a demanding volunteer leadership role. The story of how that shattered organization picked up the pieces and not only survived but thrived forms the basis of his book, Leader by Accident.

Suddenly let go a few years later from the job he’d held for more than two decades, Jim came to realize that the challenges and lessons he’d encountered as a youth leader had applications far beyond scouting. He used those experiences to fuel a successful journey into entrepreneurship.

As a Scoutmaster, Jim imparted dozens of bite-sized chunks of inspiration and life advice to the young men of the troop. Leader by Accident transforms those lessons into life advice for business leaders.

In this episode, Jim and Adam discuss:

  • What it was like being thrust into a demanding volunteer leadership role without warning
  • What the lessons were that helped him quickly adapt, succeed, and thrive in this role
  • How this seemingly thankless position brought him to entrepreneurship
  • What kind of nuggets translate to actionable steps for business leaders
  • The life-changing effects of a step out of your comfort zone
  • The vital role of language in a healthy organizational culture
  • What leadership is … and what it isn’t
  • Why cultivating a sense of gratitude is more important than ever
  • And so much more!

Have you ever had a leadership baptism by fire? Don’t miss Jim’s story.

Uncover Transformative Possibilities, With Pete Sena

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In our 3.0 world, relying on market-shaped variables like supply to determine demand is like using a paintbrush or typewriter to create the audience-driven metaverse.

The pressure on CEOs and founders to grow and evolve their businesses as rapidly as the warp-speed digital marketplace isn’t a bit challenging; it’s exponentially more daunting today than ever before.

This is where Pete Sena and his mission come in.

By combining the unique power of human creativity and curiosity with leading-edge analytics and technology, Pete empowers fellow founders and forward-thinking business leaders to uncover transformative possibilities, paving the way to unconventional paths to growth.

Pete joins Adam to discuss:

  • An uncommon truth not a lot of people know about
  • Why having a design-driven mindset is critical for growth
  • Favorite go-to productivity hacks
  • Daily practices for growth in your business and personal life
  • Why meditation is a superpower?

Get ready to pave the way to unconventional paths to growth.

How To Create True Freedom, With Joe Perrone

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 2, 2022

Everyone has dreams for themselves and their family, but most never get to them because of all the things standing in the way.

That was the situation Joe Perrone found himself in several years ago. As a small business owner, he had achieved greater financial success than he’d ever imagined, but he was not happy or at peace with himself.

As the owner of two businesses, Joe had to learn how to work ON his business instead of IN it. You’ll be amazed to hear that Joe spends just 15-20 hours each week on site. Today he works with other business owners who’d like to have more free time, energy and money.

Joining Adam in this episode, Joe shares the various ah-ha’s he’s had in his journey to greater joy in every part of his life.


  • What Joe did to recover from the anxiety and panic attacks he experienced from allowing his business to run him
  • Why Joe is so committed to lifelong learning
  • How Joe made the transition from working IN his business to working ON it
  • The impact that thinking of himself as a “business owner” had on Joe’s behavior
  • The habits Joe has put in place to focus on giving and delivering value to others
  • And so much more!

No more letting your business run you.  Tune in and learn how to reclaim time lost to unproductivity and busy-ness.

Fierce Solutions to Company Cultural Challenges, With Edward Beltran

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 28, 2022

Open minds are required for success – new, forward thinking is needed to keep up with rapid and ongoing changes in the global marketplace. Leaders of organization culture change understand the crucial need for new, upgraded skill sets and growth.

For culture to be elevated, dated assumptions and veiled beliefs must be put away for achievement of the organization’s true values and goals to emerge. In many organizations, this means leaders must change – personally and professionally – to ensure a successful future.

Making changes in an organization’s culture often requires customized training so individuals and teams can adjust, develop, and plan for the challenges the future will undoubtedly provide.

It often means choosing the right leadership to develop the best culture for the organization and investing in that leadership culture. Doing so allies leader behavior with operational strategies and the result is an organization that is purposefully transformed to meet the complex challenges now and in the future.

Edward Beltran is the CEO for Fierce, which is focused on company culture, how to solve cultural challenges in corporate environments, and alleviating stress in corporate communications.

He joins Adam to discuss:

  • Leadership foundations for a thriving work culture
  • The relationship between stress and conversations
  • The “API for Human Communication” and what are the core elements
  • And much more!

Is your company Fierce in their approach to change culture? Tune in and learn more!

Why Making Life Easier for Employees is the Cornerstone of Great Leadership, With Raj Sundarason

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All too often, business leaders make the mistake of thinking their position’s main goal is the advancement of the company instead of factoring in the main component of their organizations’ success, which is the motivation levels of their direct reports and entry-level employees.

As teams struggle to out-perform, new software offers opportunities to improve business outcomes. Yet millions of dollars and hours of productivity are wasted each year as companies fail to manage change in a cloud technology–led world.

The problem isn’t the people or software—it’s a lack of confidence and knowledge. Enable new ways of working to de-risk and accelerate the potential value from your digital transformation initiatives with Digital Adoption Platforms.

In The DAP Strategy, Raj Sundarason, chief evangelist for the world’s premier DAP provider, shares practical insights to empower leadership teams and employees to master digital tools.

Raj and Adam discuss:

  • Happiness first: Why simple, innovative technology not only makes work more efficient for workers, but improves their quality of life as well
  • Optimization nation: Taking your employees’ organizational headaches seriously to improve workflow, work culture, and customer relationship management
  • Beat the competition: What your organization must do to ensure successful digital transformations for the competitive advantage you need
  • And much more!

Strategic yet nontechnical, this episode is your guide to accelerating capability and unlocking the potential of digital transformation programs for your organization.

The DAP Strategy assessment tool, https://www.dapstrategist.com/start-here/

How to Plan for Your Business Financial Future, With Aaron Rubin

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 21, 2022

Financial planning is not a one-size-fits-all approach. And planning your business future is even less so.

If you’re a company that’s planning on going public, you want to be sure your ducks are in a row.

Specializing in financial planning for professionals in pre-IPO companies, Aaron Rubin helps his clients save money by guiding them through the complex financial issues that come with receiving company stock options and your company’s IPO.

With a background in law and accounting, Aaron if fully versed in moving your business toward its future.

He joins Adam to discuss:

  • The worst IPO tax mistake
  • Worst investment decisions
  • Best investment decisions
  • The one stock option tax secret people should know about
  • When someone at a pre-IPO company should contact an advisor
  • And much more!

Learn how to keep more of your equity compensation so that you can support the people that you love and care about the most!

How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market, With Anish Majumdar

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 14, 2022

Incredibly enough, 90% of executive jobs get filled without a posting, and if you do see a job posting, it is a company’s last resort.

Anish Majumdar lifts the HR curtain and disrupts traditional norms of job searching. He taps into the hidden job market and guides job seekers to hack the 80% auto-rejection systems.

As a Career Coach, Anish empowers professionals to stand up for change, become experts in their field instead of job seekers, stop “seeking permission” by applying for jobs and gain the power of choice.

Anish joins Adam to discuss:

  • Why bother learning a way to land jobs when we’re surrounded by job postings, job boards and interviews seemingly everywhere we look?
  • The best way to handle a toxic boss or workplace situation.
  • How to get out of the overqualified trap.
  • The Hidden Triggers in Hiring.
  • And much more!

Job hunting is hard enough as it is, but with these tips from Anish, it just got a whole lot easier!


The Exact 5-Step System our Clients are using to Land Dream Roles 75-85% Faster than Average, increase the TOTAL number of opportunities in play by a factor of 15-20X, and negotiate career-best offers and outcomes (without ANY of the job search B.S. we’ve come to expect).