Winning With (And Without) Words: Gain Invincible Influence Through Persuasion, With Ross Jeffries

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rossjeffries-personalWe’re all in search of that “magic phrase” to add to our e-mail and webpage sales copy that gets our prospects clicking, registering, and ordering. Everyone wants the “secret recipe” to close more sales on the phone and seal the deal meeting face-to-face.

Overcoming resistance in the sales process is one of the hottest topics being taught in sales and marketing today.

Make sure to check out this very unique interview with world-renowned persuasion and influence master, Ross Jeffries.

He reveals priceless secrets to help you not only persuade, but DIRECT the minds, emotions and behaviors of even the most SEEMINGLY resistant people in your profession, business or personal life – through written and verbal – as well as NON-VERBAL “silent” methods – so you make the sale, close the deal, win the argument, and much more!

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World-renowned Persuasion and Renegade Influence master, Ross Jeffries, has used his background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to create and co-create several brands, including Speed Marketing®, Speed Life®, and Speed Seduction®. He has appeared or been featured on BBC, CNN, Rolling Stone, Playboy, Neil Strauss' "The Game", The Huffington Post, and many other major media outlets. Through executive private coaching, he works with entrepreneurs and sales/marketing professionals to help them master the art of persuasion to increase their sales, get more clients, and grow their businesses. His groundbreaking MindFrame Persuasion® system has helped thousands achieve success in corporate presentations, courtroom arguments, public speaking, face to face selling, and writing money-sucking, hypnotic copy. Beginning in the winter/spring of 2014, Ross Jeffries will host a series of persuasion seminars and live training programs to help even more business creators achieve the success they truly deserve and desire.