Why Companies Outgrow Leaders, With Krister Ungerboeck

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In these times of unprecedented change, the leadership needs of companies evolve just as the needs and wants of consumers do. The ideal leader for one leg of the journey may be ill equipped to tackle the next chapter. In hyper-growth organizations, how do we ensure our companies don’t outgrow our leaders?

In this revealing and moving episode, Krister Ungerboeck, the world’s first Leadership Archeologist, joins Adam to reveal the risks organizations face when running yesterday’s playbook for today’s challenges. Through extensive research and real-world CEO experience, Krister shares the best approach to elevate leaders with potential, and level up when previously successful leaders can no longer win at the highest levels.


  • Why companies outgrow leaders (and what to do about it);
  • How logical leaders can learn emotional intelligence;
  • If forgiveness belongs in business;
  • What makes a perfect leadership team;
  • And much more!

If you want to take your business from vulnerability to profitability and ensure the strength of your leadership, don’t miss this episode.

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Krister Ungerboeck (unger-bahk) is a passionate, energizing, and dynamic keynote speaker and CEO\Coach. A former award-winning CEO of a global hypergrowth company, Krister has done business in 40 countries, built businesses in 6 and lived in 3. As the world’s first Leadership Archaeologist, Krister is a taste-tester of once-in-a lifetime leadership experiences. He is a perspective-changing explorer who ventures beyond the edge of the comfort zone of most leaders and brings back tales of what he’s learned. He experiments with unique, sometimes outlandish approaches to building leadership skills in order to save leaders the time, money, and (possibly) embarrassment of experimenting on themselves. A global employee engagement expert and winner of five consecutive Top Workplace Awards, he’s now turning his attention to helping leaders unearth unseen potential in their organizations, their teams and themselves. His upcoming book is called The Leadership Archaeologist: 10 Tools To Unearth Unseen Potential. Today we dive into his story and adventures in leadership.