Using SEO Strategies and Tactics to Grow Your Business Online Footprint, With Rebecca Gill

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SEO or search engine optimization is a key component of online business. It’s what allows you to be found. It can also be confusing, complicated and often ignored.

Joining Adam is SEO specialist, Rebecca Gill.

In this episode you will learn:

  • ​Why SEO is a process, not a plug-in;
  • If you can really do SEO on your own;
  • What to do when everything in SEO falls apart;
  • And much more.

About This Guest: ()

Rebecca Gill has a well-rounded business background and over fifteen years of experience in sales and online marketing. In addition to running the day to day activities of Web Savvy Marketing, Rebecca also provides full-service SEO consulting, one-on-one SEO coaching, publishes online SEO courses, hosts a weekly SEO podcast, and teaches onsite SEO Bootcamps. She loves to teach the latest SEO strategies and tactics to others, helping businesses grow their online footprint.