How To Raise Your Prices and NOT Lose Customers, With Patrick Campbell

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To raise prices or not to raise prices…that is the question.

As business owners, we’ve all stood at this crossroad at one time or another. We need to raise our rates, but afraid to lose customers if we do.

There is actually a way to raise your rates and gain MORE customers.

Joining Adam is guest, Patrick Campbell…a serious entrepreneur who took his company from zero to $10 million in 5 years.

In this episode you will learn:

  • ​How to identify the price your customers are willing to pay;
  • How to raise your prices and NOT lose customers;
  • The key indicators in knowing if your pricing strategy is killing your business;
  • How the Business Creators Radio Show listeners can overcome the fear of not making a sale because of price;
  • And much more!

About This Guest: ()

Patrick Campbell has seen inside more subscription and SaaS companies than anyone else in the world. As Co-Founder & CEO of ProfitWell (formerly Price Intelligently), he is leading a scrappy team of 40 who are helping some of the world’s best companies (like Zapier and Wistia) identify pricing and growth strategies that are actually working today. Patrick has bootstrapped ProfitWell from nothing in 2012 to $10 million in 2017. Six years ago, Patrick was hit with the inspiration to launch ProfitWell after seeing many founders putting blood, sweat, and tears into building businesses with their bare hands and then when it came time to put a price on their work they’d rely on faulty data or "gut feelings", leaving an enormous amount of cash on the table as a result. Today, 25% of all SaaS businesses (8,000+ companies) use ProfitWell to get all of their subscription and financial metrics in one place for free. Patrick’s mission is to use the huge amount of proprietary industry data and experience they have to help companies apply the best strategies for finding and retaining customers.