Use the Media to Promote Anything, With Steve Kosch

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 24, 2019

It is possible for you or your business to become a quotable expert, “a media darling”, who will receive frequent, positive attention from the media.

As an entrepreneur, or business owner you’ve seen others, perhaps your competition, featured in the media and you know your work is superior. So why do they get the media attention and the potential for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free positive PR?

The media needs experts like you to comment on subjects of interest to their audience. So whether it’s being quoted in a local newspaper or an interview on network TV it’s free publicity.

Joining Adam this week is former ABC, CNN anchor and now media and presentation training expert, Steve Kosch. Steve shares his insights as a former network anchor on how the average business person can get the unspoken endorsement of the media to attract prospects to your business. He shares with us his wisdom on using newspapers, radio, podcasts, videos and TV to build your business.


• How to give the media what it wants;
• How to speak the language the media and the public demand;
• How to build your simple demo reel to capture the medias attention;
• How to turn one interview into many;
• How to become the expert in your niche;
• And much more!

If you’re ready to let the media promote and market yourself or your business this episode is for you!

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Steve Kosch is a former network anchor (CNN, ABC) who helps CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, authors and others Look and Sound their Best on-stage and in the media. Steve is called on by notable politicians, athletes, authors, and business owners to help them prepare for high stakes media interviews and presentations. Steve is the founder of The Video Editor a video production company and Media Training Network based in Newport Beach, California USA