The Power of Investing in YOU, With Katherine Liola

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 22, 2019

Your best self.
You know it’s in there.
Let’s bring it out.

We’re all driven by our behavior – the choices we have made, do make, and will make. What drives those decisions? Why take one path over another?

Understanding how you approach life allows  you to feel empowered to make more informed decisions – and with that confidence comes a greater chance for success.

Katherine Liola’s favorite question is WHY. She joins Adam in this episode to help you uncover the why so you can decide on the what.


  • Why it is vital to constantly invest in yourself;
  • Why Katherine doesn’t believe in budgets;
  • The consequences of making retirement the focal point of your financial plan;
  • Why gifting to your children potentially prevents them from being financially independent;
  • And much more!

If you want to gain the confidence to live a more heroic, financially independent life, join us.

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Katherine is the Founder & CEO of Concentric Private Wealth, where she and her team stick firmly to the belief that financial management isn't just about markets and algorithms. It's about people - their values, their goals, their life. Katherine started a movement to change the way others think about money, mindset, and health, providing the tools they need to live a more transformational life. Through her own life experience and professional expertise, she is taking the lead in experiencing the power of investing in YOU.