Customers – The Drivers of Business Disruption, With Suman Sarkar

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 29, 2019

Everybody has an opinion about disruption–to Clayton Christensen, it’s the innovator’s dilemma. To Tech Crunch, it’s worth a celebratory contest. To struggling companies and employees, it’s nothing but painful. To companies such as Apple and Tesla, it’s something to master with tech and R&D.

Suman Sarkar says they have it all wrong. He joins Adam in this episode to tell us why disruption doesn’t have as much to do with tech or innovation as it is the shift in customer expectations, wants, and demands.


  • Why thinking of technology as the driver of disruption is a big mistake;
  • Why too many leaders focus on short-term performance to the detriment of their customers;
  • Why so many companies fail when it comes to truly understanding their customers’ needs;
  • What companies can do to be more nimble when it comes to responding to customers’ changing needs;
  • And much more!

Your customers tell you what they want. Tune in and learn why, when, and how you should listen.

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Suman Sarkar is a partner with Three S Consulting and an international consultant who has advised more than forty Fortune 500 companies in strategy and operations. His new book, Customer-Driven Disruption (Berrett-Koehler, 2019), is a blueprint for showing how companies must adapt to ever-changing global demographics and markets. It draws on the author’s extensive experience and features case studies from companies around the world that have thrived in volatile, highly competitive marketplaces. He has published numerous articles in business journals and his first book, The Supply Chain Revolution, is an Amazon top-seller in its genre.