Learning to Live Your Life – Unleashed and Unapologetic, with Shai Ford

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Shai Ford

I find often in the business world, people tend to develop multiple personalities. There is the business persona, and then there is their true self. And while sometimes these two personalities meld, often times, they do not.

Being true and authentic is becoming a rarity in a world of plastic and falsehood. My guest, Shai Ford, can tell you that being your true self can get you much farther in life and business than putting on a “fake” persona from 9-5.

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Shai is a creative handmade artist and handmade artist/artisan business coach, with 10 years of experience on Etsy and 5 years of experience in social media branding and marketing. What started as a part-time gig to help support her family as a single mom and college student turned into an internationally known blog and social media stream, and then freelance social media managing job for multiple organizations and individuals. She has worked with and for 2016 Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, The Global Climate Convergence and their #EarthDaytoMayDay campaign, and many more. Shai is currently the Director of Social Media for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, helping lead their social media marketing of the NuclearZero lawsuits at the International Court of Justice. While she loves activism, Shai's real passion is helping artists like herself - she has led dozens of artists in turning their passion into businesses through her Facebook group, one-on-one coaching, and Rock Your Shop eCourse.