How to Create Leverage in Life and Business, with Jason Hartman

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Jason Hartman

Creating leverage in life and business may sound generic, but I can assure you that this show will be anything but.

My guest today, Jason Hartman, is going to give us very specific strategies and techniques for business owners to use.

We’re going to learn how to mix real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

And he’s going to share 3 major areas you want to apply leverage in your life and business…one of these I have never even thought of!

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Jason Hartman is the host of 20 podcasts with about 3,000 episodes on wide ranging topics including economics, entrepreneurship, biohacking, investing, longevity, travel and more. He has very powerful strategies for business, investing and living the good life. Jason is a genuine, self-made multi-millionaire who walks the walk. He’s a successful entrepreneur, investor, lender and developer who’s owned properties in 11 states, had hundreds of tenants and been involved in several thousand real estate transactions. He has visited 78 countries, enjoys adventure, fitness and lifelong learning. Get your free podcast and resources at