Unleash Your Business With Audio Marketing, With Tina Dietz

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Audio marketing is fast becoming a popular way to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

There are hundreds of podcasts, webinars, radio shows, etc. on the internet today. How do you make sure yours is viewed and heard above the others?

Joining Adam is audio marketing expert, Tina Dietz.

Tina is going to teach you all the tricks to creating audio marketing that will let your voice be heard above the sea of noise.

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When she was 2 years old, someone handed Tina Dietz a tape recorder - and that was that! A lifelong love affair was born. Today, Tina is an internationally acclaimed business coach, audiobook publisher and launch specialist, podcast producer, and a bestselling author who has been featured on ABC, Inc.com, Huffington Post and Forbes. Her company, StartSomething Business Solutions, helps clients who want more than just a business and more than a routine life - they want a "Business Oasis,” and she herself splits her time between the US and Costa Rica. Tina Dietz, welcome to the show!