The Soul of Success: Building a Career That Lets You Live Your Best Life, With Terra Winston

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How can you change careers without starting over? What is the best way to leave your corporate job to start your dream business?

You can create success on your own terms and find work-life balance for high achievers, but what does it take?

Joining Adam this week is Terra Winston. She is leadership consultant and executive coach who will help you understand how to achieve what matters and build the career of your dreams.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is the best advice for introverts trying to get ahead?
  • What steps should future entrepreneurs take before quitting their day job?
  • What common mistakes keep high performers from getting promoted?
  • How can career changers avoid starting at the bottom?
  • How can we find more enjoyment and fulfillment in our work and life?

About This Guest: ()

Terra Winston is a leadership consultant and executive coach who has 20 years of business consulting experience and an MBA from Stanford. She is an entrepreneur in her own right and is the Ringleader of inTerractions and Principal of inTerract Consulting. Her clients have included Google, PepsiCo, Fannie Mae, BP, Millers Coors, and The Dallas Cowboys. Terra has driven results in boardrooms, plant floors, Fortune 500s and small start-ups.