The Roadmap to Success, With Bew White

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on April 27, 2022

Bew White’s story is not the story of a man’s straight-line success of going from rags to riches. As one of Bew’s friends observed, “Bew started life on third base.”

Indeed, he did.

Knowing more than most about his own ancestors, Bew White is descended from an aristocracy of sorts. Even so, his story is a zigzag. If he started on third, mistakes and misfortunes would send him back to second and first bases.

Undaunted, he kept swinging and pursuing his own version of the American Dream.

Bew joins Adam to share his story and discuss:

  • What a roadmap to success is and how you create your own
  • Advice would to those just starting out in their career
  • What it takes to live a successful life
  • And much more.

Tune in and listen to one man’s journey up the ladder of success. You may just hear your own story in there somewhere.

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Bew White is an Entrepreneur, Author, and the Founder & CEO of Summer Classics, a premier manufacturer of “modern outdoor furniture crafted for a lifetime of livable luxury.” Beginning his entrepreneurial journey at age 28, and despite many ups and downs, Bew eventually created a business model based on providing consumer-driven products that would not go out of style. With a degree in textile engineering, he has taken luxury outdoor living to a new level through his line, Summer Classics. Bew was inspired to write his biography outlining his successes and failures and what it means to live a truly substantial life. He loves to share the lessons he's learned along his entrepreneurial journey, advice to those just beginning their careers, and insights on manufacturing, marketing, and selling luxury outdoor furniture for the good life.