How to Foster a Healthy, Intrinsic, Work Culture Based on Emotional Intelligence, With Patrick Touhey

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on April 26, 2022

Collaboration wins championships.

But if that teamwork mindset only exists on game day, players won’t create meaningful connections that outlast the buzzer. Teams can build relationships that motivate them to win in every aspect of life—when they’re coached with passion, purpose, and understanding.

Your team wins when they play together to become their very best.

In his new book, Create Forever Teammates, Patrick Touhey shares a coaching program that will cultivate the intrinsic culture of your team to dramatically improve players’ performance and emotional health.

Patrick joins Adam to discuss:

  • The Heart of a Team: Foster a healthy intrinsic work culture to win more than high-level clients and big sales
  • Taming the Beast: Tips to handle helicopter clients and overzealous managers with grace and ease
  • Today’s Work Problem: Why a lack of integrating spirit, fun and excitement into work is encouraging employees to quit their jobs in search of greater purpose at an astounding rate
  • And much more!

Isn’t it time to awaken your players’ self-awareness and encourage them to work toward their full potential? Tune in!

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Patrick Touhey is the senior vice president at Allied Solutions, LLC and coached basketball at the high school and college levels. Continuing the work of his late brother, Hall of Fame basketball coach Kevin Touhey, Patrick mentors both coaches and players to tap into their hearts and passions, pursue the spirit of team sports, and become the best version of themselves. Learn more at