Strategic Profitability, With Michele Williams

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There is nothing worse at the end of the day than not knowing where your money went or stressing about how you will pay the bills; all while you are not getting paid a salary consistently. Add to that, being hit with unexpected bills, not knowing if you can pay your employees, or not having a firm grasp on your ability to grow the business and you have the makings for a disaster.

Certified, Profit First coach, Michele Williams, joins Adam this week to talk about the hard stuff.


  • How our choices directly impact our profitability;
  • How you can control your business instead of letting it control you;
  • How to deal with Mom Guilt when you work from home;
  • What it really means to own your business;
  • How fear of failure/success & Imposter syndrome can impact your business;
  • And much more!

If you’re tired of watching money fly out the window…don’t miss this!

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Michele Williams is a certified Profit First professional who’s helping creative business owners focus on the financial health and profitability of their companies. She believes that each choice determines profitability, and through her consulting agency, Scarlet Thread Consulting, she helps her clients understand the impact their choices have on the financial success of their business. She’s here to share her story to help you plan for success.