Attracting New Clients & Customers with Questions, With Deb Calvert

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deb calvertBeing in business means you have to sell. Without sales, you have no income, no customers, no business.

When you think of sales, what image comes to mind? For many, it’s the greasy, car salesman looking to wheel and deal them into an overpriced car. In order to move past that image, you have to learn what your customer want.

How do you get them to buy from you? The answer is as simple as asking a question.

Deb Calvert is known as, “The Queen of Questions”. She’s going to teach us how the asking the right question can in fact increase your bottom line.


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Deb Calvert, author of the DISCOVER Questions™ book series, founded People First Productivity Solutions in 2006 to help businesses build organizational strength by putting people first. The PFPS focus is to boost company productivity through people development. This work includes sales training, coaching and consulting; leadership program design and facilitation; strategic planning with senior managers; team effectiveness work and executive coaching. Deb has worked in, trained for and been featured as a keynote speaker in a wide variety of industries, and she has particular expertise in the produce/agriculture and media industries. Deb has worked with private and public companies of all sizes and has helped family-owned businesses and start ups survive and thrive in a tough economic climate. Prior to starting her own company, Deb worked in senior-level Sales, Operations and Human Resources roles for a Fortune 500 company. Her unique mix of experience enables her to understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Due to her extensive research on how asking purposeful questions improves interpersonal and professional connections, Deb has been called “The Queen of Questions.”