How to Write And Publish a Book that Brings You Business, With Kristen Joy

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Kristen-Eckstein-all-books-low-resEntrepreneurs need specific strategies to create credibility-building books that bring them business to fit in their limited schedule.

Being an entrepreneur and published author of several books herself, Kristen Joy tackles your most common questions, blocks and set you on the path to success as a highly credible author and expert in your niche!

Learn two proven methods to get your book written in a few hours, the guaranteed most fun way to identify your book’s target market, which of the 4 publishing methods will achieve your specific goals, and much more!

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Kristen Joy, the Ultimate Book Coach, is a sought-after independent publishing expert, two time best-selling author and award-winning international speaker. Her reputation is to create books that bring you business through Ghost Publishing, a term she coined to define her exclusive done-for-you independent publishing program, “I am Published!” She has been in the publishing industry since 2003, run a traditional publishing company, vanity publishing house, and started her own independent publishing house with a traditional arm. To date she has started over 50 publishing companies and published over 160 books and e-books.