Modern Sales Education, With Andy Paul

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Most of the time getting from “where you are today” to “where you want to be tomorrow” isn’t a well-lit path.

Instead, it feels like a gaping career chasm you have to cross; where your personal development goals simply don’t match your company’s plans for you, and you’re left on your own to “figure it out”.

So it’s common to feel stuck, like you’re not making any progress.

In fact, what do you think is the #1 reason why most people change or leave sales jobs?

Not enough free snacks in the break room? A faulty product or service? Lousy pay structure?

Joining Adam is top sales expert, Andy Paul. As #8 on LinkedIn’s list of the Top 50 global sales experts, Andy knows a thing or two about sales…from both the perspective of the employer and employee.


The answer to the #1 reason most people change or leave sales jobs;
How selling is changing;
Why technology and automation has a massive impact on sales productivity;
Why the ability to be human is even more valuable in sales today than before;
Why sales leaders and sales people need to drastically incresase investing time in their own development;
And much more!

Whether you are building a sales team, or are part of a sales team, you don’t want to miss this episode!

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Andy Paul is the host of his own top-rated podcast, educating and inspiring sales professionals to take their expertise to the next level. Host of Accelerate! with Andy Paul, business owner and sales professional extraordinaire. Andy is #8 on LinkedIn’s list of the Top 50 global sales experts, where over 166,000 professionals follow his daily posts on sales. He is the author of two Amazon best-selling books, as well as founder of The Sales House, the first all-in-one modern personal growth program for modern B2B sellers. His top-rated podcast, Accelerate! with Andy Paul, with more than 700 episodes produced and nearly 2 million downloads, is the go-to resource for sales leaders and top sales producers.