Attract Your Very Best Clients with Zero Overwhelm, With Nina Cooke

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Are you frustrated because your business could be so much more than it is, but you feel you no longer know how to get there?

Maybe your business looks successful from the outside, but you’ve hit a stone wall and you’re not seeing the growth or progress you know you are capable of.

Worse, you see your peers making BIG progress, when you are struggling.

And you’ve probably even been throwing money at new team members, systems, mentors and advice – yet nothing seems to actually change.

Nina Cooke has a special superpower…and that is DIGGING DEEP to find the root cause of why business owners are struggling. She joins Adam to show us how to attract high income clients with zero overwhelm.


  • Why mindset is so important for attracting your ideal clients;
  • Why so many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed;
  • How to deal with setbacks in your business;
  • Nina’s top Mindset Tip for business owners;
  • And so much more!

If you’re struggling and want to attract your very best clients…listen in!

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Nina Cooke is a Business Mindset Coach, and has worked with hundreds of coaches, consultants and other experts who are plateaued at low 6 figures and are frustrated because, inspite of all their hard work, they still aren’t getting the results they want. Her superpower is DIGGING DEEP to find the root cause of why they’re struggling. And then showing them how they can release their deep inner blocks to gain the freedom to grow their business vision with passion and confidence. Nina hosts the Entrepreneur’s Inner Game Podcast. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine and on BBC Radio.