Is Your Website Secure? The Answer Is Probably No (Even If You Think It’s Yes), with Michael Jones

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Mike JonesDid you know: 640,000 websites and 5.8 billion webpages are infected with malware per month? Small and medium size businesses – meaning the vast majority of Business Creators – are the easiest and primary targets. A website can have literally hundreds of exploitable vulnerabilities. Is your website secure?

Oh, and did you also know that malware can find its way into your smartphone through apps, which are themselves web-based? How many apps have you downloaded lately? How many do you REALIZE you’ve downloaded lately?

Michael Jones, founder of Sitesassure, joins us for an eye-opening hour and reveals a new approach to website security you may have not seen up until now.

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Michael Jones (owner) After a 20 year career as a trumpet player, chairing in professional orchestras and jazz groups all over the world. I decided to stay home with my family and went to work for one of the first ecommerce websites. The INTERNET, being new, had no instruction manual, we all had no experience, thus making it a learn as you go situation. What I learned during that time is still relevant today. I continued to work for various companies, including short stints as a consultant to yahoo. naptster, audiogalaxy, cdpost, and godaddy. While working as a marketing, search engine and affiliate sales consultant for cduniverse, I was there when the 1st credit card hacking in INTERNET history occurred and worked with our clients to insure security. I did not lose on single client. (300,000 cards were stolen by a 16 year old russian named MAXIM) While working with Yahoo I experienced the first large scale denial of service attack, again working with clients and not losing a single one. While at euniverse, I was involved in the early development of specifications for what eventually became myspace. While consulting to cdpost and audiogalaxy, I was involved with early phases of copyright infringements and worked with the companies to comply with new regulations. I worked for a nationally syndicated radio show that laid the foundation for the patriots radio movement. As the business manager and INTERNET sales director, I increased the sales of their sponsors by $1.3 million the first year. My consultancy evolved into the use and early adoption of content management systems, including wordpress, joomla and drupal. Seeing the opportunity to fill the functionality gap, I started a company to develop and distribute components that enhanced the functionality of these CMS systems. Out of that, I found that just about everyones websites were broken, and in order for the software to work, I had to fix their websites. This led to our core niche business, 911websiterepair. 911websiterepair has fixed thousands of websites, while building strong client relationships by basing our business ethics on customer service, communication, feasibility and reliability. 911 has a 87% return customer rate and is growing by 300% per year, with only word of mouth advertising.