Need a New Income Stream? Go to the Income Store with Mike Engstrom

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Mike Engstrom june 2014Of all the ways to create a consistent and passive income stream, purchasing an existing, revenue generating website is the smartest.  What does that mean? What does that look like?

The concept of purchasing a website to create an income stream for yourself, your company, or your private equity fund is new to many people. Expert, Mike Engstrom, shares a model that not only gives you the tools to buy revenue generating websites, but also how you can save time by doing it.


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Mike brings 26 years of M&A, Business Sales and Business Coaching to Income Store and TGC. Having shared his knowledge with stadiums of 12,000 people and coached and trained just over 4000 business owners and sales reps, Mike uses his leadership skills to find, train and guide all growth divisions of Income Store and TGC.