How To Make Your PR Efforts Significantly More Affordable (And Easy!), With Clair Kim

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What if you could start getting everyone to talk more about your brand? And have your future clients come running Clair Kim 8.23.16to you? Yes, we’re talking about that elusive “buzz” that every entrepreneur dreams of. Everybody wants it. But let’s face it, it’s easier said than done. PR is tricky when you’re a small business owner. How can you create a “buzz” when you don’t have the budget for a huge ad campaign? How can you find your ideal client and get them talking… about you? These are questions Clair Kim deals with every day. Join us as Adam talks with her about some of the answers to those questions. During this enlightening interview Clair will share her tips and tell her own story.


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A proud millennial, entrepreneur, and an independent musician, Clair wants to live in a world where she can help everyone to unfold their own myth. She is the founder of “Buzz with Clair”, a coaching brand that seamlessly integrates PR, social media and marketing (or in her language, hybrid buzz). As a hybrid buzz strategist, Clair has been featured on Huffington Post, YFS Magazine and Business Partner Magazine. Clair is also a musician and has been featured on Interview Ottawa, Awesome Canada and Canadian musicians. When Clair isn’t creating buzz as a hybrid buzz strategist, you can find her surfing through YouTube and at a local bakery. Learn more about Clair at ; and about her stage life at