Investing in Real Estate, With Whitney Nicely

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Have you caught the real estate investment bug? Ready to live that landlord lifestyle? Or add additional residual income? Maybe you’re just a little Whitney Nicelycurious about the whole phenomenon. If so, Adam’s interview with Whitney Nicely is a great place to start. In this episode we talk about why investing in real estate for retirement is a smart move. Whitney will also share a few of her tips, for example what you should do if you have a property that isn’t selling. Whether you want to move into real estate investment or you just enjoy hearing from a seasoned entrepreneur, join us for this insightful peek into Whitney’s successful career.


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Forbes just came out with an article this morning that talks about why investing in real estate is a smart choice and I am hoping that we can do a segment that all of your listeners can benefit from and take action. Whitney started flipping houses in 2009 with her parents and in 2015 when Whitney was planning her wedding she flipped 6 houses. In 2014 she decided she was ready to flip by herself and she found it to be really liberating. She currently owns 15 houses and over 3 apartment complexes. Now she teaches people across the country how to buy a home if their credit is low, how to make extra money flipping houses and how to maximize the profits if you own land or real estate. Millions of Americans tune in weekly to HGTV and so many people dream that instead of trading time for money that they could be making their money work for them.