Make More Money While Working Less With Business Systems & Technology, with Katya Sarmiento

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As an entrepreneur, are you engaging in activities that are a complete waste of time?  Do you find yourself a little Katyaoverwhelmed with the technology available and wondering what systems and tech you truly need? These are a few of the questions that Katya Sarmiento answered as she spoke with Adam in this enlightening podcast. Katya’s passion for helping entrepreneurs upgrade and get organized comes through as she discusses the most helpful tools and attacks some of the obstacles that come with technology. Be sure to tune in if you want to learn how to turn your tech and systems mess into massive, consistent and effortless success.


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Katya Sarmiento is the founder of where she teaches online entrepreneurs and coaches how to start and grow a thriving online business. And by thriving, she means not just having tons of clients, money, and sales - but also having the time and freedom to enjoy all of that well-earned success. She’s the go-to tech expert, and her mission is to help entrepreneurs not just make a bigger impact, but also make more money while working less. When she’s not discovering and setting up new technology & systems for her clients, you can find her playing video games, watching Game of Thrones, and practicing piano (yeah, she’s a total nerd all around).