How to Create Predictable Growth with a Sustainable Sales Operation, With Joey Gilkey

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on September 29, 2020

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re an agency owner and you’re still stuck selling… aka the agency’s growth is dependent on you;
  • There is no “captain” steering the ship for sales at your company… you have no sales infrastructure, no sales direction, a lacking sales operation, etc;
  • You’re looking to take your agency to new heights… you want to break through the invisible ceiling that plagues 9 out of 10 agencies.

There is one solution to all of these problems…Joey Gilkey. He joins Adam in this episode to help you turn your business into a sales machine.


  • Why so many businesses fail at sales;
  • The first key steps to setting up a successful sales operation;
  • Key components of a winning sales operation;
  • Some of the biggest mistakes with finding and recruiting high-performing salespeople;
  • And much more!

Don’t let your agency become a statistic. Build, Grow, and become Sales Driven™.

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Joey Gilkey has built his career around creating predictable growth through sustainable sales and revenue operations, including: - Leading a global IT services division for a Fortune 100 company - Taking a $1 million risk management consulting firm to $9.5 million in 18 months - Scaling a digital agency’s growth by 8x in 12 months - Driving over $1.3 billion in sales pipeline for clients in 3 years… Joey has a track record of creating predictable, sustainable growth. Today Joey’s mission is to be the #1 resource for digital agencies that want to take control of their growth and become a Sales Driven Agency.