F.A.S.T. (Facial Acuity Sales Tactics) Method Gets You More High-Ticket Sales, With Michelle Butt

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Every feature, marking and wrinkle on a face tells us something about who that person is, how they think and feel, what their personality traits are and what impact their life experiences have had on their current circumstances.

The face is the dictionary of another human being. Understanding what a face is telling you, is the most valuable key to human connection there is (in my humble opinion).

When you are a coach, consultant or mentor and your purpose is to help people transform, the face is your secret weapon to facilitating the opportunity for that transformation to occur.

Honing your facial acuity so that you can have more success on those strategy calls; so that at that critical moment, your potential client can say yes to you and to themselves because you’ve been able to see who they are, what they need and how they need to hear what they need from the information on their face.

That’s what the F.A.S.T Method is all about: helping you as a coach, consultant and mentor see your potential client more clearly and connect more effectively with them so that you can be the person who serves them and you grow your business revenue in the process. . .

Joining Adam is the founder of the F.A.S.T. Method, Michelle Butt.


  • What you can learn about your prospect from their face wrinkles, eyebrows, forehead shape, and more;
  • Two Presidents: what Facial Intelligence studies reveal about the real Barack Obama and the real Donald J. Trump;
  • How to use Facial Acuity to avoid getting “Zoomed out” during sales calls;
  • How this method helps you make up for the body language you cannot see on Zoom calls that only show the other person’s face
  • And much more!

Ready to learn how to use facial cues to boost your sales? Tune in!

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Michelle Butt holds an Honours BA in Linguistics from The University of Toronto, is a Master Coach and a Facial Intelligence Expert. After more than 10 years of studying human communication and creating the Facial Intelligence™ body of work, Michelle has come to know a thing or two about how and what drives people to believe in someone else enough to buy from them. She’s built an understanding of how coaches, consultants and mentors need to show up to that crucial sales call in order to get that “yes” and truly begin the process of changing someone else’s life (and their own in the process). By creating and implementing the F.A.S.T Method (Facial Acuity Sales Tactics), she has helped herself and many other coaches and consultants to use the face of others as the blueprint and catalyst for gaining a client and increasing their business’s success and revenue. Michelle has been featured at TedXToronto, Reinvention Radio and OMTimes Magazine. All her research and results have shown that the face is the starting place of any transformational journey and leveraging the information you see in a face is the key to changing the results you are getting in your sales process.