Positive Impact Through Digital Marketing & Creativity, With Ray van Hilst

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 6, 2020

You are your web presence.

Your website is the first serious interaction many people will have with your organization. And it shouldn’t just look good, it should do good. A capable website will allow you to clearly see a return on your investment for your efforts, so you can strategize, refine, and strategize some more.

Marketing and creativity expert, Ray van Hilst joins Adam to help us make sure our websites not only look amazing, but perform spectacularly.


  • How much you should spend on a website;
  • How to tell if a web designer or firm is any good;
  • What makes a good website homepage;
  • How to figure out what content you users are looking for, and how you can plan to provide it;
  • And so much more!

If you’re ready to ramp up your website, don’t miss this!

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With 20+ years of marketing experience, Ray is busy empowering account teams and clients to define their web and digital marketing strategies and overseeing project execution to ensure success for both the client's business and their overall goals. He is also an active volunteer in the association technology sector and a sought after speaker about technology, web marketing, and website development and management. Ray's mission is to establish and advance the web presence of organizations that help build a better world.