How to Buy and Invest in 100+ Businesses Over the Next 5 Years, With Moran Pober

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Is it possible to buy and invest in 100+ businesses in the next 5 years? One entrepreneur has made this his mission, and he joins Adam to discuss it.

In this episode, Moran Pober shares his entrepreneurial journey with Adam. He is the founder of ABD Assets and focuses on business acquisitions and investments.

You will find out how Moran Pober selects businesses to invest in them and how he makes money. You will also discover more about his biggest mistake, who he emulates, how he recharges, and how you can learn his skills.

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Moran Pober is the founder of ABD Assets which is a leading, independent firm, focused on business investments and acquisitions. ABD Assets is an holding company that seeks to acquire equity stakes in companies with growth prospects, with a view to assisting them with their continued development managerially and strategically. Moran is a former IDF (Israel defense forces) soldier. He has had extensive dealings with dozens of entrepreneurial projects. Some of his latest projects are: 1. Talonx - which is an international marketing firm and 2. iTips which was a top 100 app in 100 stores around the world in the app store including US,CA and UK. His goal is to buy at least 100 companies in the next 5 years ...and he's currently looking for companies to buy and invest in, he's open to look and explore companies in pretty much any sector. He's currently looking for partners to help him achieve this goal and that's why he agreed to mentor few selected individuals who get the opportunity to help him find deals and then watch him (in every step in the process — they're with him on every call, cc'd in emails and meetings if and when they have with business owners) as he negotiate, structure, finance, run and grow those businesses. Not just that but he gives his students/partners at least 25% in each deal for helping him while they learn the process of buying and investing in businesses even if they got no personal capital to invest. He got that idea from the TV show ‘The Partner’ with Marcus Lemonis.