Retreat and Grow Rich: Add 6-Figures a Year to Your Business Hosting Retreats, With Darla LeDoux

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Darla LeDouxDo you love the work you do, but run into some of these issues?:
– You constantly find that people in your free strategy sessions are a perfect fit, but they ‘aren’t ready yet’
– You are bringing in one client at a time and doing a lot of legwork to get them in
– You’ve run out of personal, 1-on-1 time in your business to deliver your work, and you haven’t found that magic formula to leverage yourself

Small retreats may be your answer! Darla LeDoux, founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs, has consistently added 6-figures in revenue to her business each year, with one core strategy – hosting small retreats. Not only can small retreats help you reach more people, but they help your best future clients get to know you intimately, and trust you to be ‘their person.’ In this interview she tells all.

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Darla LeDoux is the founder and lead teacher and coach at Aligned Entrepreneurs. Her journey took her from type A, corporate chemical engineer, committed to looking good and doing things right, to free-spirited entrepreneur blazing a new trail for what’s possible in paradigm-shifting, connection-based marketing. When she writes, teaches or speaks from the stage, Darla shares both practical and spiritual lessons from the heart. Her #1 goal for her clients is that they see clearly and OWN what makes them unique. When they understand how to put it out into the world in a way that connects with the right clients every time, they can make more money simply by being themselves. She’s grown her business by at least 6 figures each year with one core strategy, hosting small retreats, and she’s finally decided to talk about it.