Grow Your Business and Creative Time Using Digital Automation, With Michael Devellano

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Are you automating your business to its fullest extent? How much money could you be losing due to lack of automation systems?

Creating automation systems in your business not only saves time and money, but allows you to grow at a more rapid rate.

Joining Adam is automation expert, Michael Devellano.

In this information packet episode you will learn:

  • The four main areas of business that can be automated;
  • How to automate the actual deliverability of a company’s product or service;
  • Some of the biggest mistakes business owners make when automating customer relationship work;
  • How you can automate the conversations you’re having with prospects and customers while it keeping it personal;
  • How important is response rate when automating your sales process;
  • And so much more!

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Michael is a Sr. Cloud and App Consultant, founder of Cloud Advisory LLC and the acclaimed author of Automate + Grow: A Blueprint for Startups, Small and Medium Businesses to Automate Marketing, Sales and Customer Support. Michael started working on custom mobile and Salesforce projects in 2010 and was ranked in the top 5 at the Salesforce Appquest developer competition with Portable Intelligence. He has lead the strategy, design and development of over 100 mobile, Salesforce and digital or marketing automation projects. Rebranding his first company, LLC to Cloud Advisory LLC is part of the company’s increased focus on providing small medium and large companies with the best cloud and app based sales, marketing and business automation solutions.