Energy Marketing For Your Business, With Cathi Hargaden

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Cathi Hargaden

No one wants negative energy in their lives. In fact we go to great lengths to avoid it most of the time. But what about those hidden energies that are sucking the life out of our businesses?

Cathi Hargaden helps entrepreneurs use feng shui tips to improve their businesses and their lives.  She is passionate about helping people create mindsets and environments that are conducive to success.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Business secrets of the feng shui masters
  • Feng shui tips for busy business professionals
  • How to position your desk and workspace for maximum achievement
  • The importance of internal shifts to create external results
  • 5 ways to create wealth using feng shui
  • “If you want to understand the universe, focus on energy, frequency, and vibration.”

About This Guest: ()

Cathi Hargaden has been teaching and consulting in the art of Feng Shui for the last twenty years. She has taught at workshops, universities, undertaken demonstrations at show rooms, Selfridges (retail store), hospitals and visited over 1000 homes and offices as a health professional & consultant.