Building Trust in Your Team, with John Murphy

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John MurphyWhen you reach that point in business where you can no longer do it alone and you need to begin building your team, it’s an exciting milestone. It’s also scary and difficult.

Building a team requires more than just hiring people. You need to create a culture. Community. Cohesion and trust.

John Murphy is an expert business coach who works with business owners to create a strong team.

If you need help with your team, this show is for you.

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John is an experienced business coach who focuses on helping service professionals get more clients and build sustainable businesses. John is passionate about working with his clients to help them identify their ideal target market and their niche, and then building an engine that will ensure a continuous flow of prospects. John coaches top business teams in a wide range of industries, and on an international basis. He helps teams understand what is holding them back from delivering what they are capable of, eliminate the blockages to success, create trust and ensure focus on what matters most to the business John is also an expert in Emotional Intelligence. He incorporates this into this work to help his clients have a better understanding of their effectiveness and performance in everyday life. John hosts a fortnightly free webinar called, Winning at Business and Life, to support his network and be a resource to them on a continuous basis.