Effective Decision-Making – The Key to Moving Forward in Your Business and Your Life with Sharon Hibbard

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sharon headshotWe’re faced with decisions every day – from simple things such as what to eat for breakfast to really difficult decisions like business deals, and life changing situations. Decision making is just a part of life.

But the question is, are you making effective decisions? How do you know if it’s an effective decision or just a good one? When it comes to making big life decisions, do you research options, talk to trusted advisors or just go with your gut?

Sharon Hibbard, the entrepreneurs “business GPS system” joins Adam to teach us about effective decision making. Learn the difference between an effective decision and a “good’ decision. And you’ll pick up some new skills that will empower you to make decisions that will propel your life and business forward in the right direction.



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Sharon Hibbard wants to live in a world where talented, creative and intelligent people stop struggling so hard to achieve success. As a Business Development and Strategy Coach, Sharon works with motivated entrepreneurs, serving as a “business GPS system,” helping them to design a personalized path to reach their specific goals. She is passionate about guiding and inspiring others to utilize their existing resources – creativity, life experience, and areas of skill and strength – in the most effective way possible, to build, grow and maintain a thriving and fulfilling business. When she is not engaged in leading a workshop, one-to-one coaching or a public speaking opportunity, you can find Sharon hiking the trails, travelling, sampling the fare at a new restaurant, playing with her cats, reading or taking yet another online class…there’s always more to learn! She is also currently working to produce an online workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs that she hopes to launch by the end of the year. Visit Sharon’s web site at www.Shared-IDEAS.net to learn more about how she can help you to “Release your Expertise…Build your Best Business!”