Becoming a Self-Published Author with Excellence: How to Avoid the Common Missteps That Doom Most Writers to Diminished—Rather Than Increased—Credibility, With Stacey Aaronson

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Stacey-14Writing a book is easy right? You just sit down and pound on your keyboard for a bit and…VOILA! A masterpiece is born.

The writing part is easy. But that’s not all it takes to create the next best seller.

Never fear, The Book Doctor is here! Stacey Aaronson joins Adam to give you some tips and steps to keep you from diminishing rather than increasing your exposure and credibility with your new book. Self publishing has never been easier…if you know what you’re doing!


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The “Fulfiller of Publishing Dreams” and founder of The Book Doctor Is In, Stacey Aaronson is a professional book doctor who takes self-publishing authors by the hand and transforms their manuscripts into the books they’ve dreamed of—from impeccable editing and proofreading to engaging, audience-targeted cover and professional interior design—rivaling or exceeding a traditional house publication. She has been a trusted book production partner for some of the most accomplished coaches, educators, entrepreneurs, and writers of inspirational non-fiction and memoir. She also assists non-fiction writers with developing their ideas into a sound book structure with clear goals. In addition, Stacey writes a monthly newsletter for writers and is the author of the blog “The Self-Publishing Scoop,” where she dispenses regular guidance on all aspects of independent publishing.