Discover Your Hidden Profits – with Stacey Hylen

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stacey-hylen-300x420Keeping all your marketing plates spinning is tough.

How do you know which ones are OK to just ignore, and which ones can be fatal to forget?

How would you like to know what mistakes you are making over and over that are costing you thousands of dollars in lost sales?

Stacey Hylen, the Business Optimizer Coach, is going to share innovative marketing strategies are being ignored by savvy marketers. You’ll learn the 5 places that you have overlooked hidden profits and which 4 areas to optimize in your business for increased sales and profits using your current resources ( they are not what you think!)


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Sought-after international speaker Stacey Hylen has been the “secret weapon” of some of the biggest names in motivation and business success. Mega-author and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series Mark Victor Hansen and his co-author, speaker Robert G. Allen, chose Stacey to speak during their promotional tour for their New York Times best-selling book, One Minute Millionaire; and Anthony Robbins has hired her as a senior-level coach and VP of consulting with his world-famous Business Breakthroughs International – and all because of her passion and success in coaching high achieving entrepreneurs on powerful sales and marketing strategies. In addition to her work with those mega organizations, she serves her own clients as the creator of three popular self-study programs, "Become a Magnet: Attracting Your Perfect Clients", “Selling with Confidence: Getting a Yes Without Being Pushy” and "Low Hanging Fruit Strategies to Rapidly Increase Sales." These internationally acclaimed programs combined with her private, high-results coaching allow her clients to get more sales, more profits and more time to do the things they love with the people they love. Stacey is also one of those rare success coaches who actually follows her own advice! Based on the exact same principles she works with her clients to implement, she has built her own thriving business, which allows her to take more than ten weeks of vacation each year to spend with her family. When she’s not in her office, Stacey enjoys spending time with her husband and kids at their home near beautiful Montreal or at their summer cottage in New Hampshire boating, swimming, skiing, biking, hiking and anything else that will get giggles from her daughters – the best sound in the world.