Discover the Secrets of Creating Your Signature Speech™, With Felicia Slattery

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felicia slatteryAll the experts say you need to craft a signature speech. Why? What’s so important about having a signature speech?

Using public speaking to market your business is one of the most powerful ways for you to:

• Easily and quickly create a flood of fresh, new prospects,
• Pick up way more clients,
• Create your status in your market and develop a credibility that can’t be denied,
• Increase your visibility to a level others in your field can only dream of,
• Sell double, triple, even ten times more of your products or services,
• Create a constant stream of cash flow.

Felicia Slattery is an expert in communications and speaking. She shares the “stage” with Adam to give you pointers on creating your signature talk so you can present yourself as an expert in your industry.


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Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., is on a mission to motivate, inspire and train smart business owners and entrepreneurs to create meaningful connections through effective communication and public speaking. An internationally-acclaimed, award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and the creator of the trademarked Signature Speech™ system, Felicia presents to audiences large and small on topics related to communication, speaking, and being a successful entrepreneur in spite of everything life can throw at you. As a cancer survivor, Felicia’s enthusiastic passion for communication is contagious because she knows that one important message delivered with power can transform a life. She works with experts and entrepreneurs, as well as CEOs and celebrities to help them more effectively communicate their messages on and off stages while building and maintaining strong relationships locally, nationally, and globally, both in person and virtually using the Internet. You can find out more about Felicia at