Be Prosperous by Coloring Outside the Lines, With Judy Winslow

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Judy WinslowAll too often, we tend to find ourselves stuck in a rut. We do the same thing day in, day out and expect different results.

Branding expert, Judy Winslow is going to show us how to color outside the lines, do something different and get better results.

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Judy Winslow (aka J.) has been working globally in the branding and marketing business for over 25 years, including over a decade in NYC working with Madison Avenue biggies like Cover Girl, Clairol, Yves Saint Laurent, and the NY Stock Exchange. While working at Women’s Day Magazine as a free-lance designer, she pitched her boss to open their first venture which they began by each contributing $500, which then went on to gross solid 6 figures in its first year. Their first big client was Elizabeth Taylor as she launched into the perfume category. Business doubled the second year out. Over the years recognition through numerous awards for logo and identity designs were included as acknowledgement by her peers in that industry. She had begun as a designer and has never lost her love of that process. J. was also recognized recently in a listing of 100 Top Coaching Blogs along with Tony Robbins, Martha Beck and other prominent industry leaders, AND hers was the only branding blog on the list. She authored the book: ‘The Guide To Getting It: Branding & Marketing Mastery’, with 8 other nationally known business specialists, has created 2 educational products for brand development and works with clients from around the U.S. to assist businesses in growth, development and brand expansion, thru consulting, trainings, workshops, retreats, and coaching programs. Her work now is focused on business owners around the globe who are leaping from 5 to 6, or 6 to 7 figure businesses, so they can make more with less work and worry. She also supports younger people in navigating and articulating their voice in the world. In her spare time, she is the lead organizer for TEDxSarasota, works with local MBA students and also participates in various volunteer positions to pay it forward.