Become a Leader Who Inspires – with Kevin Allen

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kevin-allenIt is rooted in the belief that emotive engagement is the cornerstone of successful leadership. Just about anyone can be a manager…someone who delegates and tells people what to do. But not everyone can be a leader. Someone who creates a following of people who want to help that leader succeed.

To become an emotionally intelligent leader you need to adopt the concept of Buoyancy, the phenomenon whereby as a leader you float because the people you have inspired believe that you should. They believe in you because you have understood, connected with and ignited the deep desire that lies in their hearts.

Kevin Allen, the pitchman behind Mastercard’s now iconic “Priceless” campaign, shares his story on becoming a leader and how you can rise to the occasion and to become a leader who inspires.


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KEVIN ALLEN is Founder and Chairman of employee engagement company Planet Jockey, which specializes in gamified learning and collaborative mentorship platforms, and re:kap, a business transformation company which counts Burberry, Smythson, Swedbank and Verizon among its global clients. He is recognized as one of the world’s most accomplished growth professionals. With decades at the top of advertising giants McCann-WorldGroup, the Interpublic Group, and Lowe and Partners Worldwide, Kevin worked with such brands as MasterCard, Microsoft, Marriott, Smith Barney, Nestle, L'Oreal, Lufthansa and Johnson & Johnson, and was an early part of Rudy Giuliani’s team that prepared the way for the successful Mayoral election and turnaround strategies for the City of New York. THE CASE OF THE MISSING CUTLERY: A Leadership Course for the Rising Star Kevin Allen, pitchman behind MasterCard’s now iconic “Priceless” campaign and author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling title The Hidden Agenda, draws on his story-telling ability to offer a true account of his journey to becoming a leader. As a young manager at an airline catering facility, and with silverware disappearing at a rapid clip, Allen was called upon to solve “The Case of the Missing Cutlery.” In his quest to solve the mystery, Allen also learned to rise to the occasion and to become a leader who inspires.