The Biggest Difference Between Survivors and Thrivers with Jimmy Burgess

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jimmy burgessWhen life knocks you down, do you get back up and take control or do you just curl in a ball and lick your wounds?

There is a big difference between people who survive and people who thrive. It’s their mindset.

It’s possible to bounce back from any setback you may have faced.  Your struggle did not come to stay, but it came to pass. Take action now and things will begin to change.

Jimmy Burgess went from millionaire to bankrupt and back again. He shares the steps that he used and that people have used throughout history to move from victim to being victorious. Tune in and learn the biggest mistake most people make when trying to bounce back.


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Jimmy Burgess is the author of the book What Just Happened? How to Bounce Back in Life So You Can Do More, Have More, and Be More. He has enjoyed his share of business success. His business success has included founding and building three different companies that have achieved revenues in excess of a million dollars. However, like most people he has faced extreme adversity financially, physically, and relationally along the way. Bouncing back from these adversities led him to write his book What Just Happened. In the book he reveals the seven steps he uncovered that he used and that others have used throughout history to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Jimmy is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, encourager and eternal optimist. He says his greatest accomplishments include being married to his beautiful wife Tasha Burgess for sixteen years and their three kids including teenage daughters Libby and Logan as well as their six year old son Fisher.