Attracting Qualified Leads Without Marketing Dollars, With Robyn Crane

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When you have a solid client avatar, everything you do and say speaks directly to them. You attract strong, qualified leads because they are your ideal client.

So you make more money and spend less on marketing. It’s a win/win.

Joining Adam is Money & Business Growth Expert, Robyn Crane.

Robyn shares:

    • How she went from $500/year in her coaching business to $500,000/year 2 years later
    • The #1 thing that you must know to attract qualified leads,
    • Key points you need to remember to target ideal clients effectively,
    • What holds people back from targeting their marketing,
    • And more.

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Money & Business Growth Expert, Robyn Crane is known for hosting the TV show, The Financial G-Spot, Radio show, Let’s Talk Money and is a 4-Time #1 Best Selling Author. Her blueprint for financial success has been featured on ABC, The Motley Fool, and Fox Business News. Robyn went from making $500 a year to making $500,000 a year in her coaching business (in just 2 years!), and shares her story to inspire other women entrepreneurs to do the same. Get the free download of her latest best selling book, Make More Money, Help More People at