Are Sabotaging Your Own Business Success? With Janet Slack

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When people think of starting their own business, too many don’t realize just how much time, energy and effort goes into making it successful. They visualize working from a white sandy beach, being able to work a couple of hours a day and making gobs of money.

Once you get into it, you realize it’s a lot more than you bargained for. It can be very mentally demanding to run your own business, and oftentimes, the reason it’s not successful…is YOU!

Janet Slack is all about helping entrepreneurs get out of their own way. She’s going to help us realize if we are truly sabotaging our own business without actually realizing it.

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Janet Slack works with smart solopreneurs who want a caring expert to help them move their business forward without sacrificing the spirit that brought them to the business in the first place. She presents solid business education and motivational ideas in her five books, award winning blog, teleseminars, webinars and personal coaching. Janet’s business advice has been quoted in dozens of online sources all the way from to the Social Media Dudes blog while WE Magazine for Women recently named her as one of the Top 100 Women in Ecommerce. Janet is a rare mix of helper, marketer and techie. Her background of 25 years in the helping professions gives her insight into the best mental approaches to problems, effective thinking patterns and sources of motivation. Her own experiences creating and running two highly successful businesses allow her to give unique and powerful advice so that her clients prioritize and focus on what actually works while taking care of their own spirit as a valuable business resource. You can find out more about Janet at Solopreneur.Biz and