The Best Internet Marketing Advice You Will Ever Get – with Willie Crawford

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willie crawford 2One of the most untapped resources for promoting your products and services is the method of affiliate marketing. Having others promote you for just a small fee sounds pretty easy right? It is, if you do it properly.

On the flip side, promoting others as an affiliate can prove to be quite lucrative…but it’s not an overnight success.

The worlds leading joint venture broker and internet marketing expert, Willie Crawford shares his top tips for recruiting and motivating affiliates as well as proven tools and techniques for successful affiliate marketing.



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Raised on a small tobacco farm in North Carolina, Willie Crawford graduate high school in May 1977 and attended NC State University, starting that fall. After switching majors from Biology (Pre-Med) to Economics (Business Management), he graduate in the Spring of 2002, and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF on the same day. Willie went on to serve a 20-year, 10-month Air Force career, working primarily as a C-130 navigator. His assignments and various flying missions took him to 47 different countries. He spent 10 years of his career in the Pacific, 4 years at HQ Pacific Air Forces in Hawaii. willie immersed himself in the culture everywhere he went, learning 4 new languages and earning 2 black-belts in karate. His wife is from the Philippines where he was assigned from 1988 - 1989. In late 1996 while at HQ PACAF, Willie discovered the internet, and not being sure that he was going to stay in the AF for 20 years, decided to go ahead and start a part-time business. An internet-based business was perfect for Willie since he could take that with him no matter where reassignments or flight missions took him. All he needed was access to a computer and the internet. Willie often put in 16-18 hours on his Air Force duties and then went home to spend another 4-6 hours working on his internet business. By 2003 when he retired, Willie had already spoken at several Internet Marketing seminars, hosted an Internet Marketing Seminar, written a best-selling cookbook (sold exclusively over the internet) and created 2 dozen information products. Willie stepped right out of his military uniform into a full-time internet business earning him six-figures per year... so he never really had to "transition to another career" or even look for a job. Today, after having written over 3000 articles and over 50 ebooks on the topic of ecommerce, and having personally taught hundreds to build successful businesses in his role as an online marketers or joint venture brokers, Willie is now considered one of the top internet marketers in the world. Willie now trains local brick-and-mortar businesses to get more customers through the door by leveraging internet technology. He does this through a series of free weekly training webinars that he conducts, and publicizes through his local chamber of commerce. When Willie is not busy teaching others how to build online businesses, mentoring a JV broker protege, or consulting with local offline business owners on how to leverage the power of the internet, he enjoys playing with his three grandchildren or going deep sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, not too far from his NW Florida home.