Why Your Financial Advisor May Be Harming Your Finances, With Norman Pappous

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 6, 2022

Norman Pappous wasn’t always interested in the wealth management industry – he started out his career in London working for global investment banks.

However, when a family member committed suicide after being misled by a financial advisor, he knew he had to commit the rest of his career to helping others from falling into the same trap.

His new book, Wall Street’s Grand Deception, arms the average investor in navigating the financial markets, including ways to properly vet a potential financial advisor.

Tune in and hear Norman’s answers to questions such as:

  • One of the biggest decisions you can make: The decision you make when you choose a financial advisor shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Strategies to uncover whether your FA is worth the fees
  • The Billion-Dollar Marketing Scheme: Spot high-quality portfolio advice without falling for Wall Street’s fake narratives, and how to discover them
  • Behind the Report: Why you should never blindly trust the portfolio performance reports generated by your financial advisor – and what to look for instead
  • And much, much more!

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Norman Pappous, a retired financial markets professional, was motivated to enter the wealth management industry by a personal tragedy. He began his professional career in London working for global investment banks and hedge funds before coming home to help the average investor navigate the financial markets. Shocked by the misdirection of Wall Street marketing, Norman launched FinancialAdvisorCheck.com, a company that serves the clients of financial advisors by producing—for free—institutional-level, confidential portfolio performance reports without the knowledge of their investment advisors. He’s been featured in The New York Post, Forbes, Investment News, Registered Rep, TheStreet.com, and Frontline on PBS. Learn more at www.wallstreetsgranddeception.com.