Recession-Proofing Your Retirement, With Sean Mullaney

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 8, 2022

Often, we stay in draining jobs for all the wrong reasons – stability, a regular paycheck, reliable 401(k) contributions being three of the top reasons talented people don’t venture out on their own.

Financial planner, Sean Mullaney, wants to help stop the cycle of would-be solopreneurs staying in restrictive corporate jobs by offering one simple piece of stress-relieving advice: open a solo 401(k) plan, and now.

Sean’s new book, Solo 401(k) (out Oct 4th), sheds light on the practical financial pathway to retirement that is so often slept on by both solopreneurs and those dreaming of a solopreneur career.

Tune in and hear Sean’s answers to questions such as:

  • Many of us may need to become solopreneurs out of necessity in the upcoming months – what retirement tips do we need to know before we’re in the hot seat and retirement planning falls to the wayside?
  • What are logical ways to sidestep the fear of giving up a corporate job to become a solopreneur?
  • Does a solo 401(k) account set you up for double the retirement savings than a typical 401(k) will yield?
  • And much, much more!


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Sean Mullaney is a financial planner and CPA licensed in California and Virginia who operated a solo financial planning firm. Prior to establishing his own firm, he had a long career working for Big 4 accounting firms and the IRS. Employed by his own firm, he is one of millions of Americans—solopreneurs—who are self-employed or work for their own small companies. He advises solopreneur clients on the Solo 401(k) and has one himself. Learn more online: